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Primary Administrative Subdivisions
$300.00 (USD)
This spreadsheet contains over 4,200 primary administrative subdivisions of countries. Coverage: all land area on earth. In a few countries that are too small to be subdivided, the entire country is treated as a single subdivision. There are twelve columns: Subdivision name (English), Country ISO 3166-1 code, Predominant time zone, HASC code, ISO 3166-2 code, GEC code, Type, Population, As-of date for population, Area (km.²), Area (mi.²), and Capital. In the first four columns, every row contains data. Subdivision and capital names contain characters from the Latin-1 character set. Any other characters are shown stripped of their diacritical marks. The purchase price conveys the right to use these data within any one household or business, and to display them publicly (e.g. on an Internet site) no more than one country at a time. Spreadsheet can be delivered by e-mail or CD-ROM. Format can be flat file (csv or tab-delimited), Excel, or others on request.

For libraries and educational institutions, the Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU ) would be acceptable.

Note: this file does not include secondary administrative divisions. For them, see below.
Secondary Administrative Subdivisions
$800.00 (USD)
This spreadsheet contains over 41,000 secondary administrative subdivisions of countries. Coverage: over 150 countries. I have not been able to acquire secondary division data of uniform quality yet. For those who are not concerned about quality, or who intend to create their own list and want a starting point, I sell the data collected from the Statoids secondary pages "as is". To ascertain which divisions are primary and which are secondary, consult the "Primary" and "Secondary" columns on the index pages, starting with the letter A index page. Licensing terms are the same as for the primary subdivisions above.
Primary and Secondary Administrative Subdivisions
$1000.00 (USD)
You may purchase both of the spreadsheets mentioned above, 4,200 primary subdivisions and 41,000 secondary subdivisions, for $1000.
Ordering information: Please e-mail for details.

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