Drawings by Gwillim Law

High-contrast full face of man
Drawn with a felt-tip marker ~1964.

Crossed legs on bed with radiator in background
Self-portrait while lying down in my dorm room, Bemis 104, at M.I.T. ~1963.
I later coated it with a thin layer of Elmer's glue to preserve it.

Promo for Ames 203 Lit'ture Gallery
In ~1968, at Johns Hopkins, Ames 203 was a teaching assistants' office.
I and my office-mate, in a friendly competition, memorized poems
and then wrote them out on the blackboard.
When we had covered the board, we whimsically charged
5 cents to let people come in and scrutinize it.
(Of course, we allowed our students free admission
when they came for consultation.)
This announcement was taped
in the tiny window of the office door.

Woman on phone with horizontal axis of symmetry
I did this drawing in ~1966 to try to emphasize the top-bottom symmetry
of the human body, rather than the left-right symmetry.

Wise men and camels, one wise man looking in Bethlehem telephone book
My brother and I sent this Christmas card one year
to everyone who had contributed to our telephone book collection.

Man on dark street
I imagine this is a traveling salesman
who has finished a long day of calling on clients
and is returning to a lonely hotel room
in a somewhat seedy neighborhood,
wishing he were home with his wife.
She is peering out of a brightly lit house,
thinking of him.

Playing polo with cars instead of horses
I hope this sport never replaces traditional polo.

Pencil sharpener
This pencil sharpener with a translucent shaving container
was on my desk in Rio de Janeiro in 1978.

Fragile, candle with hair
This was drawn on lined paper
so I touched it up a bit.

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