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You've probably heard this joke:

Q:  When is a door not a door?
A:  When it is ajar.

Here are some others:

Q:  When is a car not a car?
A:  When it turns into the driveway.

Q:  When is a dress not a dress?
A:  When it becomes the woman who wears it.

Q:  When is a lamp not a lamp?
A:  When it is aglow.

Q:  When is a swimmer not a swimmer?
A:  When she changes into her bathing suit.

Q:  When is a thief not a thief?
A:  When he is turned in to the police.

Q: What one word would you say to a glutton?
A: Insinuate (in sin you ate).

Someday, I want to build my house on an isthmus, so I can look off to my left and see one ocean, and look off to my right and see another one. The only thing is, I don't want the isthmus to be too narrow. I'm afraid someone would decide to build a canal right through my back yard.

Yes, I'm dreaming of a wide isthmus.

Tom Swifties:
"I can't load any more hay on this truck",
            Tom said balefully.

"What was I supposed to get at the grocery store?"
            Tom asked listlessly.