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Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

From summer 2015 on, Fort Nelson, BC will stay permanently on Mountain Standard Time.

The United States extended its period of DST, starting in 2007. Canada inevitably came under pressure to follow suit, because of its trade and tourism ties to the U.S. In Canada, each province regulates its own observance of DST. All the provinces and territories that observe DST ended up deciding to follow the same schedule as the U.S. in this regard. Therefore, Daylight Saving Time runs from the second Sunday in March at 02:00 to the first Sunday in November at 02:00.

Note: in Manitoba, until recently, due to the wording of the Official Time Act, DST ended at 03:00 on the day it ended. A new Time Act has been promulgated for the changed dates in 2007. As a result, starting in October 2006, DST in Manitoba ends at 02:00, just as in most other provinces. In 2011, Newfoundland changed the start and end times for DST from 00:01 to 02:00. Now all provinces begin and end DST at 2:00 a.m. local time.

It has been reported that Resolute (Qasuittuq), on Cornwallis Island in Nunavut, didn't change its clocks in winter 2006-2007. The alteration lasted only that one year, and now it observes Central Time with DST in the summer as it did before.

ProvinceStandardDSTSectionZone Name
AlbertaUTC-7UTC-6 America/Edmonton
British ColumbiaUTC-8UTC-7All except places mentioned belowAmerica/Vancouver
UTC-7 Around Dawson Creek and Fort Saint John, around Creston, and around Fort NelsonAmerica/Dawson_Creek
UTC-7UTC-6East Kootenays (around Cranbrook and Golden)America/Edmonton
ManitobaUTC-6UTC-5 America/Winnipeg
New BrunswickUTC-4UTC-3 America/Halifax
Newfoundland and
UTC-3:30UTC-2:30Insular Newfoundland and southeast tip of Labrador, around Port Hope SimpsonAmerica/St_Johns
UTC-4UTC-3Labrador, except southeastern tipAmerica/Goose_Bay
Northwest TerritoriesUTC-7UTC-6 America/Yellowknife
Nova ScotiaUTC-4UTC-3 America/Halifax
NunavutUTC-5 Southampton IslandAmerica/Atikokan
UTC-5UTC-4East of 85°W, except Southampton IslandAmerica/Iqaluit
UTC-6UTC-5Between 85°W and 102°W, except Southampton IslandAmerica/Rankin_Inlet
UTC-7UTC-6West of 102°WAmerica/Cambridge_Bay
OntarioUTC-5UTC-4East of 90°W (except places mentioned below), Upsala, and ShebandowanAmerica/Toronto
UTC-5 Atikokan, Pickle Lake, and New OsnaburghAmerica/Atikokan
UTC-6UTC-5West of 90°W (except places mentioned above) and Big Trout LakeAmerica/Rainy_River
Prince Edward IslandUTC-4UTC-3 America/Halifax
QuebecUTC-5UTC-4West of 63° (most of province)America/Montreal
UTC-4 East of 63°America/Blanc-Sablon
SaskatchewanUTC-6 Except places mentioned belowAmerica/Regina
UTC-6UTC-5Around CreightonAmerica/Winnipeg
UTC-7UTC-6Around LloydminsterAmerica/Edmonton
YukonUTC-8UTC-7 America/Whitehorse

Time zone history

To be done.

Time zone names

Canadian standard CAN/CSA-Z234.4-89 establishes the following official names and abbreviations for Canadian time zones:

Standard TimeDaylight Saving Time
English NameAbvFrench NameAbvOffsetEnglish NameAbvFrench NameAbvOffset
Newfoundland Standard TimeNSTHeure Normale de Terre-NeuveHNTUTC-3:30Newfoundland Daylight saving TimeNDTHeure Avancée de Terre-NeuveHATUTC-2:30
Atlantic Standard TimeASTHeure Normale de l'AtlantiqueHNAUTC-4Atlantic Daylight saving TimeADTHeure Avancée de l'AtlantiqueHAAUTC-3
Eastern Standard TimeESTHeure Normale de l'EstHNEUTC-5Eastern Daylight saving TimeEDTHeure Avancée de l'EstHAEUTC-4
Central Standard TimeCSTHeure Normale du CentreHNCUTC-6Central Daylight saving TimeCDTHeure Avancée du CentreHACUTC-5
Mountain Standard TimeMSTHeure Normale des RocheusesHNRUTC-7Mountain Daylight saving TimeMDTHeure Avancée des RocheusesHARUTC-6
Pacific Standard TimePSTHeure Normale du PacifiqueHNPUTC-8Pacific Daylight saving TimePDTHeure Avancée du PacifiqueHAPUTC-7
Yukon Standard TimeYSTHeure Normale du YukonHNYUTC-9Yukon Daylight saving TimeYDTHeure Avancée du YukonHAYUTC-8


Note: Yukon Time is not currently in use. Yukon Territory is on Pacific Time at present.

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