Time Zones of Ecuador

Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

Ecuador, except GalapagosUTC-5America/Guayaquil

Time zone history

Source: This information was adapted from the tz database. Zone names come from that database. The names don't necessarily match any names used in the "real world".

Ecuador first adopted standard time in 1890, when the mainland adopted Quito time (UTC-5:14); Galapagos remained on local mean time. In 1931, all of Ecuador, including Galapagos, changed to UTC-5. In 1986, Galapagos switched to UTC-6.

Time zone names

The tz database contains names and abbreviations for the Ecuadorian time zones. They were created by a contributor. Don't assume that these names, or anything like them, have ever been used officially in Ecuador.
Quito Mean Time (QMT) applies to times in the America/Guayaquil zone from 1890 to 1930.
Ecuador Time (ECT) applies to times in all Ecuadorian locations since 1931, except the Galapagos since 1986.
Galapagos Time (GALT) applies to times in the Pacific/Galapagos zone since 1986.

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