Time Zones of the Federated States of Micronesia

Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

StateStandard Time
Chuuk, YapUTC+10
Kosrae, PohnpeiUTC+11

Micronesia consists of four states. Lacking any more precise information, we assume that time zones coincide with states.

Time zone history

Source: This information was adapted from the tz database.

Starting dateChuukKosraePohnpeiYap
ab initioLocal Mean Time
1901-01-01 00:00UTC+10UTC+11UTC+11UTC+9
1969-10-01 00:00UTC+10UTC+12UTC+11UTC+10
1999-01-01 00:00UTC+10UTC+11UTC+11UTC+10

Time zone names

The tz database contains names and abbreviations for the Micronesian time zones. They were created by a contributor. Don't assume that these names, or anything like them, have ever been used officially in Micronesia. The "Zone Name" column contains the Unix name for each zone.

StateZone NameAbbrevName
ChuukPacific/TrukTRUTTruk Time
KosraePacific/KosraeKOSTKosrae Time
PohnpeiPacific/PonapePONTPonape Time
YapPacific/YapYAPTYap Time
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