Time Zones of Greenland

Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

AreaStandardDSTDuration of DST
Danmarkshavn AreaUTCUTC 
Ittoqqortoormiit AreaUTC-1UTCFrom the last Sunday in March at 00:00 to the last Sunday in October at 01:00
Pituffik AreaUTC-4UTC-3From the first Sunday in April at 02:00 to the last Sunday in October at 02:00
Rest of GreenlandUTC-3UTC-2From the Saturday before the last Sunday in March at 22:00 to the Saturday
before the last Sunday in October at 23:00

Geographical note:

Danmarkshavn Area means a small area in the northeast including Germania Land and Store Koldewey Island. Ittoqqortoormiit Area essentially means the peninsula on the east coast of Greenland that includes Scoresby Land, Jameson Land, and Liverpool Land. Pituffik Area means the Hayes Peninsula, roughly from Savissivik to Etah, including Dundas and Thule.

Names in Greenland can be confusing. Many of them have Danish and Inuit forms that look very different, and the Inuit names often have variant spellings. Thule and Thule Air Base are over 100 km. apart; Thule Air Base is in Dundas. Here are some useful name equivalents.

Constable PyntNerlerit Inaat


Greenland has recently been issuing press releases explaining the yearly time changes. They describe the zones as Greenland, Scoresbysund, Danmarkshavn, and the military area around Thule.

The Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM), published semiannually by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), may shed more light on the extent of the Greenland time zones. IATA is only concerned about the time zones in force at airports served by member airlines. According to SSIMs dated 1991-1995, Ittoqqortoormiit Area consisted of Scoresbysund, and Thule Area consisted of Thule. In 1996, Ittoqqortoormiit Area included Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) and Nerlerit Inaat (Constable Pynt), while Thule Area was described as Pituffik (Thule Air Base) and Qaanaaq. From 1997 on, Thule Area was just Pituffik.

Time zone history

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