Time Zones of French Polynesia

Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

RegionsStandardZone Name
Gambier IslandsUTC-9Pacific/Gambier
Marquesas IslandsUTC-9:30Pacific/Marquesas
Remainder of French PolynesiaUTC-10Pacific/Tahiti

Marquesas Islands is one of the circumscriptions (administrative divisions) of French Polynesia. Gambier Islands is part of the circumscription of Tuamotu and Gambier Islands. On a good map, it will be apparent which islands belong to Gambier Islands and which don't, although there may be a few borderline cases.

Time zone history

Source: This information was adapted from the tz database. Zone names come from that database. The names don't necessarily match any names used in the "real world".

French Polynesia observed Local Mean Time until 1912-10-01 00:00. At that time, it adopted the three time zones shown above.

Time zone names

The tz database contains names and abbreviations for the French Polynesian time zones. They were created by a contributor. Don't assume that these names, or anything like them, have ever been used officially in French Polynesia.
Gambier Islands: Gambier Time (GAMT)
Marquesas Islands: Marquesas Time (MART)
Remainder of Polynesia: Tahiti Time (TAHT)

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