Time Zones of United States Minor Outlying Islands

Basic time zone concepts

Rules currently in force

TerritoryTime Zone
Baker IslandUTC-12
Howland IslandUTC-12
Jarvis IslandUTC-11
Johnston AtollUTC-10
Kingman ReefUTC-11
Midway IslandsUTC-11
Navassa IslandUTC-5
Palmyra AtollUTC-11
Wake IslandUTC+12

Of these islands, only Johnston, Midway, and Wake have permanent residents at present. The others are visited at intervals, mostly by the military.

Time zone history

Source: This information was adapted from the tz database.

Midway and Wake Islands observed local mean time until 1901, when they adopted standard time as shown above.

Time zone names

The tz database says that Johnston Atoll is on Hawaiian Standard Time. Midway time was called Nome Standard Time until 1967-04, Bering Standard Time from then until 1983-11-30, and Samoa Standard Time since then. For technical purposes, the tz database assigns the names Pacific/Johnston, Pacific/Midway, and Pacific/Wake to those islands' time zones.

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