Counties of American Samoa

American Samoa is divided into districts, which in turn are divided into counties.

The constitution of American Samoa  has a slightly different list of counties from the one below. The constitution replaces Tualauta county with Fofo and Ma'upu counties, all of them in Western district. I haven't found any confirmation for the list of counties in the constitution. It's also noteworthy that the constitutional revision of 1967 bears the signatures of delegates from fourteen counties and one island, exactly the same set that are in my list below.

15 divisions55,51957,29146,77310,055200
  • County: Except Swains, which is a village.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes. The middle
    two letters identify the district. For key, see "Administrative
    Subdivisions of Countries".
  • MCD: Minor Civil Division code, as assigned by the Census
    Bureau. Note: to get a unique code, these must be combined
    with the FIPS code for the district of American Samoa.
  • Pop-2010: Census 2010-04-01
  • Pop-2000: Census 2000-04-01
  • Pop-1990: Census 1990-04-01
  • Pop-1930: Census 1930-04-01

Territorial extent:

  1. Tutuila Island contains all of the counties of Eastern (ET) and Western (WT) districts, except that Sa'ole is located partly on Tutuila and partly on Aunu'u Island. Vaifanua county has two sections, separated by Sua county.
  2. Ofu and Olusega counties correspond to the islands of the same names, except that Ofu county also includes the small island of Nu'utele.
  3. The other three counties of Manu'a (MA) district lie on Ta'u Island.
  4. The Unorganized (UU) part of American Samoa consists of Swains Island and Rose Island. Rose Island has no administrative units on it. Its population is 0 and its area is 0.08 mi.² (51 acres). Swains village is an administrative unit coextensive with Swains Island. I have arbitrarily decided to annex Rose Island to Swains village for purposes of this table.
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