Sub-districts of Botswana

The list of divisions below accords with the 2011 census report for Botswana. The 2001 census report displays several tables of population data which don't always present the same set of subdivisions. The list used here is the finest-grained one. That is, all other lists used either these subdivisions, or units that were several of these subdivisions grouped together. It's not clear what the status of these subdivisions is, either. The census calls them administrative districts. Botswana has larger areas that are also called districts, so I have used the term sub-district to emphasize that most of these are subordinate to a district. Some of them appear to be town councils. Possibly the town councils should be placed on the primary level.

The census also breaks down the population further, by village or village and associated localities.

Barolong sBW.SN.BR1154,83147,47718,400
Bobonong sBW.CT.BB5271,93666,96453,55814,242
Boteti sBW.CT.BT5357,37648,05735,45933,806
Chobe sBW.CH.CH7223,34718,25814,12620,800
CKGR sBW.GH.CK81260689
Delta sBW.NC.DE732,5292,688
Francistown tBW.FR.FR0298,96183,02365,24479
Gaborone tBW.GB.GB01231,592186,007133,468169
Ghanzi sBW.GH.GZ8043,09532,48124,719117,910
Jwaneng tBW.JW.JW0618,00815,17911,188100
Kgalagadi NorthsBW.KG.KN9120,47616,11111,34072,400
Kgalagadi SouthsBW.KG.KS9030,01625,93819,79432,800
Kgatleng sBW.KL.KG4091,66073,50757,7707,960
Kweneng East sBW.KW.KE30256,752189,773141,61131,100
Kweneng West sBW.KW.KW3147,79740,56228,826
Lobatse tBW.LB.LB0329,00729,68926,05242
Mahalapye sBW.CT.MA51118,875109,81195,43316,507
Ngamiland NorthsBW.NC.NN7159,42149,64236,72322,730
Ngamiland SouthsBW.NC.NS7090,33472,38257,81186,400
Ngwaketse sBW.SN.NG10129,247113,704128,98928,470
Ngwaketse West sBW.SN.NW1213,68910,471
North East sBW.NR.NE6060,26449,39943,3545,120
Orapa tBW.CT.OR059,5319,1518,82717
Selebi-Phikwe tBW.SP.SL0449,41149,84939,77250
Serowe/Palapye sBW.CT.SR50180,500153,035128,47131,381
South East sBW.SR.SE2085,01460,62343,5841,780
Sowa Town tBW.ST.SW073,5982,8792,228159
Tutume sBW.CT.TT54147,377123,514100,04946,140
28 divisions2,024,9041,680,8631,326,796581,730


The 2011 census divides Ngamiland into Ngamiland East and West, rather than North and South as in earlier years. I have conjectured that Ngamiland East is the same as Ngamiland South, containing Maun, and that Ngamiland West is the same as Ngamiland North, containing Gumare.

If data are missing for Barolong or Ngwaketse West, they have been included in Ngwaketse. If data are missing for Kweneng West, it has been included in Kweneng East. If data are missing for Delta, it has been included in Ngamiland South. If data are missing for CKGR, it has been included in Ghanzi.

Other names of subdivisions:

  1. CKGR: Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve (variant)
  2. Ngamiland North: Okavango (variant)
  3. Ngwaketse: Southern (variant)
  4. Selebi-Phikwe: Selibe-Phikwe (variant)
  5. Sowa Town: Sowa (variant)
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