Subdivisions of Belize

These are the secondary subdivisions listed in the 2010 provisional census report. They are probably census areas, with no administrative function. Belize Urban and Cayo Urban are shown with further subdivisions, which may represent incorporated areas.

Belize RuralBZ.BZ.BR24,205
Belize UrbanBZ.BZ.BU65,042
Cayo RuralBZ.CY.CY36,747
Cayo UrbanBZ.CY.CU36,152
Corozal RuralBZ.CZ.CZ30,453
Corozal TownBZ.CZ.CT9,901
Orange Walk RuralBZ.OW.OR32,019
Orange Walk TownBZ.OW.OT13,400
Punta GordaBZ.TO.PG5,205
Stann Creek RuralBZ.SC.SC23,070
Toledo RuralBZ.TO.TO25,333


Previously I had listed these subdivisions, as reported in the 2000 census. Belize City North Side, Belize City South Side, and San Pedro combined correspond to Belize Urban, and Belmopan, Benque Viejo, and San Ignacio/Santa Elena combined correspond to Cayo Urban.

Belize City North SideBZ.BZ.BN14,434
Belize City South SideBZ.BZ.BS34,616
Belize RuralBZ.BZ.BR14,648
Benque ViejoBZ.CY.BV5,088
Cayo RuralBZ.CY.CY26,086
Corozal RuralBZ.CZ.CZ24,820
Corozal TownBZ.CZ.CT7,888
Orange Walk RuralBZ.OW.OR25,407
Orange Walk TownBZ.OW.OT13,483
Punta GordaBZ.TO.PG4,329
San Ignacio/Santa ElenaBZ.CY.SI13,260
San PedroBZ.BZ.SP4,499
Stann Creek RuralBZ.SC.SC15,734
Toledo RuralBZ.TO.TO18,968
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • Population: 2000-05-12 census.
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