Counties of Lebanon

Lebanon is divided into eight muhafazat (provinces), which are subdivided into 26 caza or qadaa (counties). The WHO  has a map of counties of Lebanon, and so does USAID . The Localiban  website has a set of clickable maps of provinces and counties.

BatrounLB.NL.BT 51,120278Batroun
BcharréLB.NL.BC 32,000156Bcharreh
Bekaa-WestLB.BQ.BW104,000470Joub Jannine
Bent JbaylLB.NA.BJ 58,300260Bent Jbayl
ChoufLB.JL.CH166,140495Beit Ed Dine
HasbayaLB.NA.HA 30,000220Hasbaiya
HermelLB.BH.HE 48,000731Hermel
JbaylLB.JL.JB 89,000380Jbayl (Byblos)
JezzineLB.JA.JE 20,500250Jezzine
KouraLB.NL.KO 68,160190Amioun
MarjayounLB.NA.MJ 45,300313Marjaayoun
MatnLB.JL.MT511,200265Jdaidet El Matn
Minie-DanniyehLB.NL.MD 92,142362Minieh
NabatiyehLB.NA.NA 91,000265Nabatiyeh
RachayaLB.BQ.RA 26,000545Rachaiya
SourLB.JA.SU178,920418Tyr (Sour)
ZghartaLB.NL.ZG 91,000210Zgharta
  • County: Except Beirut, which is a province with no
    internal division into counties.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes. The
    middle two letters identify the province. For key, see
    "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries".
  • Population: ~2004 estimates from Localiban. Some are
    clearly too high.
  • Area: Also from Localiban, but probably fairly accurate.

Change history:

  1. ~1997: Apparently Minie-Danniyeh county was split from Tripoli recently.

Other names of subdivisions:

  1. Akkar: Aakkar
  2. Aley: Aaley, Eleih
  3. Baalbek: Baalbak, Baelbeck
  4. Batroun: Batroûn, el Batroun
  5. Bcharré: Bcharreh, Bsharre, Besharri, Bcharri
  6. Beirut: Bayrut, Beyrouth
  7. Bekaa-West: Bekaa-ouest, Beqaa Gharbi, Beqaa Ouest, Western Beqaa, Beqaa al Gharbi
  8. Bent Jbayl: Bint Jbayl, Bent Jbaïl, Bint Jbeil, Bent Jbeil
  9. Chouf: Shouf, Choûf, el Chouf
  10. Hasbaya: Hasbayya, Hasbaïya
  11. Hermel: Hirmil, Hermil, el Hermel
  12. Jbayl: Jbail, Jbeil, Byblos
  13. Jezzine: Jezzîne
  14. Kesrouan: Keserwen, Kesrouâne, Kesrwan, Kesserwan
  15. Koura: el Koura, Koura
  16. Marjayoun: Marjaoun, Marjaayoun, Marjeoun, Marjayoûn, Marjeyoun, Marjouyoun
  17. Matn: Metn, el Matin
  18. Minie-Danniyeh: Dannieh, el Mnieh, Minieh-Danniyeh, Miniyé
  19. Nabatiyeh: Nabatiyye, Nabatîye, el Nabatieh, Nabatieh
  20. Rachaya: Rachayya, Rashayya, Rachaïya
  21. Saida: Saïda, Sidon
  22. Sour: Soûr, Tyre, Tyr
  23. Tripoli: Trablous, Tripoly
  24. Zahlé: Zahleh
  25. Zgharta: Zghorta

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