Municipalities of Serbia

"Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes, Edition 2" (GENC), a U.S. standard that's supposed to correspond to ISO 3166-2, was issued on 2014-03-31. It has codes for the municipalities of Kosovo.

Update 15 to the GEC, the successor to the FIPS standard, is dated 2014-03-31. It makes one nearly imperceptible change to the Serbian name of Hani i Elezit municipality.

Update 10 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes (formerly FIPS 10-4) is dated 2012-12-31. It switches the codes for two municipalities of Kosovo: Kaēanik and Kamenicė. I have made the corresponding change to the table below.

When "Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 10-4" was superseded by "Geopolitical Entities and Codes" in April 2010, it included a list of 30 municipalities for Kosovo. Update 8 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes is dated 2012-05-01. It adds seven new municipalities and slightly alters the translations of two municipalities. I provide the list below as a helpful reference, but not as a part of the Statoids database.

ISO 3166-1 Newsletter V-12, dated 2006-09-26, announced the splitting of Serbia and Montenegro into two countries. Before that time, I had treated Serbia and Montenegro as the two primary subdivisions of the country, divided into districts, which were the secondary subdivisions. When the country officially split, I promoted the districts to primary subdivisions, and no longer listed any secondary subdivisions; or, to be precise, left only a historical list showing the districts prior to 2006. Now I have removed that redundant list.

These are the secondary divisions of Kosovo. Names are in their Albanian form, although the GEC document also lists their Serbian forms.

Deēan KV01XK-01
Dragash KV02XK-02
Ferizaj KV03XK-03
Fushė Kosovė KV04XK-04
Gjakovė KV05XK-05
Gjilan KV06XK-06
Gllogovc KV07XK-07
Graēanicė KV31XK-08
Hani i ElezitKV32XK-09
Istog KV08XK-10
Junik KV33XK-11
Kaēanik KV09XK-12
Kamenicė KV10XK-13
Klinė KV11XK-14
Kllokot KV34XK-15
Leposaviq KV12XK-16
Lipjan KV13XK-17
Malishevė KV14XK-18
Mamushė KV35XK-19
Mitrovicė KV15XK-20
Novobėrdė KV16XK-21
Obiliq KV17XK-22
Partesh KV36XK-23
Pejė KV18XK-24
Podujevė KV19XK-25
Prishtinė KV20XK-26
Prizren KV21XK-27
Rahovec KV22XK-28
Ranillug KV37XK-29
Shtėrpcė KV23XK-30
Shtime KV24XK-31
Skėnderaj KV25XK-32
Suharekė KV26XK-33
Viti KV27XK-34
Vushtrri KV28XK-35
Zubin Potok KV29XK-36
Zveēan KV30XK-37
  • GEC: Codes from GEC.
  • GENC: Codes from GENC.

Change history:

  1. ~2002: Malishevė municipality formed from parts of Klinė, Rahovec, and Suharekė.
  2. ~2008: Graēanicė, Hani i Elezit, Junik, Kllokot, Mamushė, Partesh, and Ranillug municipalities created.
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