Subdistricts of the United States Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands are divided into three districts, which have no administrative significance but are used as census enumeration districts. The districts in turn are divided into subdistricts.

Anna's Hope VillageVI.SC.AH2004,0414,1923,663
Charlotte AmalieVI.ST.CA21018,48118,91420,589
Coral BayVI.SJ.CB210634649363
Cruz BayVI.SJ.CZ2202,7062,7432,469
East EndVI.SC.EE2202,4532,3411,740
East EndVI.SJ.EE230515951
East EndVI.ST.EE2208,4037,6725,927
Sion FarmVI.SC.SF26013,00313,56511,883
Water IslandVI.ST.WI270182161172
West EndVI.ST.WE2802,2412,0581,322
20 subdistricts106,405108,612101,809
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
    The middle two letters identify the island.
    For key, see "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries".
  • MCD: Minor Civil Division code, as assigned by the Census
    Bureau. Note: to get a unique code, these must be combined
    with the FIPS code for the district of U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Pop-2010: 2010-04-01 United States census.
  • Pop-2000: 2000-04-01 United States census.
  • Pop-1990: 1990-04-01 United States census.

Territorial extent:

Each subdistrict except Water Island lies mainly on the island to which it belongs. Additional islands lying in each subdistrict include:

  1. Central: Congo Cay, Grass Cay, Lovango Cay, Mingo Cay
  2. East End, SC: Buck Island
  3. East End, ST: Great and Little Saint James Islands, Thatch Cay
  4. Northside: Hans Lollik, Inner Brass, Outer Brass
  5. Water Island: Hassel, Water
  6. West End: Savana Island
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