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This is a list of errata that I have found in "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries" since it was published. Many of them are also reported on the individual country Web pages. These do not include cases where better data became available after the book was printed.

  1. Algeria: (p. 24) The Arabic phrase Saydi Bal-`Abbas should not have been split in the middle.
  2. Andorra: (p. 27) Vella is not Catalan for "city". It means "old", as do the corresponding words in the French and Spanish names.
  3. Angola: (p. 28) The word Smaller should be changed to Further for consistency.
  4. Argentina: (p. 32) Three of the codes in the second column of the main table for Argentina were switched. The codes for Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, and Santiago del Estero should be SC, SF, and SE, respectively.
  5. Australia: (p. 36) Under Territorial extent, under Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay should be located on the east coast of New South Wales. New South Wales doesn't have a west coast. The parallel dividing Victoria from Tasmania is 39°12' S., not 39°15' S. (p.37) Under Other names of subdivisions, Canton and Enderbury Islands aren't part of Australia at all. The entry should be moved to Kiribati.
  6. Austria: (p. 38) The capital of Lower Austria should be Sankt Pölten, not Vienna.
  7. Azerbaijan: (p. 41) The Change history and Origins of names sections are reversed from their standard sequence.
  8. Bangladesh: (p. 44) Under "Further subdivisions", the word "divisions" is misspelled.
  9. Belgium: (p. 49) Under Further subdivisions, the word "column" is misspelled. (p. 50) Under Other names of subdivisions, the French name for Brussels Capital Region should end with "Capitale", not "Capital".
  10. Brazil: (p. 58) The region for Espírito Santo state should be Sudeste. (p. 60) Under the Change history for 1943-09-13, Guaporé territory was formed from parts of Amazonas and Mato Grosso, not Amazonas and Minas Gerais as stated in the book.
  11. Burkina Faso: (p. 66) On the line following Area-mi, the word "documents" should be singular.
  12. Cameroon: (p. 71) The Portuguese name of the country is the plural Camarões, not the singular Camarão as stated.
  13. Central African Republic: (p. 77) The capital of Ombella-M'Poko should be Bimbo, not Boali.
  14. Chad: (p. 78) The most common Portuguese name for Chad is Chade, not Tchad as stated.
  15. China: (p. 83) Under Origins of names, for Tianjin, the word "originally" is misspelled. (p. 84) In the change history entry for 1949, the word "table" should be replaced by "heading". (p. 85) Liaoning should be hyphenated before the first 'n', not after. (p. 86) Under the heading "Administrative areas 1949-1954", in the list of provinces forming North China, "Hopei" should be changed to "Hopeh" to be consistent with the conventional transliterations used in this list.
  16. Congo, Republic of: (p. 95) The explanation of Population should be "1990 estimate", not "1991 census".
  17. Cuba: (p. 100) The capital of Granma province should be Bayamo, not Manzanillo.
  18. Czech Republic: (p. 103) The time zone should be "+1d", meaning that Daylight Saving Time is observed.
  19. Denmark: (p. 105) The ISO codes for Copenhagen (county) and Copenhagen City were reversed. The code for Copenhagen (county) should be 015, and for Copenhagen City, 101.
  20. Dominican Republic: (p.109) The capital of María Trinidad Sánchez province should be (Trinidad Sánchez) Nagua, not Nogua.
  21. Faroe Islands: (p. 124) Under Further subdivisions, "counties" should be "regions".
  22. French Polynesia: (p. 136) In the main table for French Polynesia, two digits were transposed in the population of Marquesas Islands. The figure should be 7,358. This makes the total 1988 population of French Polynesia come to 188,814. (My source also had this error.) (p. 137) The postal codes for French Polynesia have the form F-987xx, not F-988xx.
  23. Guadeloupe: (p. 157) Under Territorial extent, Marie-Galante Island should be in Pointe-à-Pitre arrondissement, not Basse-Terre.
  24. Guam: (p. 158) Under Change history, delete the apostrophe from "1920's".
  25. Honduras: (p. 165) The ISO code for Santa Bárbara was given incorrectly. The correct code is SB.
  26. India: (p. 174) Two divisions of India were listed with the wrong type. Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram were shown as union territories; they should be states. As stated in the Change History section, this change occurred in 1986.
  27. Indonesia: (p. 181) Under Territorial extent, in the entry for Sulawesi Utara, the semi-colon should be a comma.
  28. Iraq: (p. 185) In the main table for Iraq, the population data come from the 1987 census. The population given for Arbil should be 770,439 (the last two digits were transposed). The total population for Iraq should be 16,335,198.
  29. Ireland: (p. 187) On the last line, "is is Tipperary" should read "it is Tipperary".
  30. Kenya: (p. 205) Population data are from the 1979 census. There was no 1991 census.
  31. Kiribati: (p. 206) The Gilbert Islands were named for Thomas Gilbert, not Joseph Gilbert.
  32. Korea, North: (p. 208) Under Change history, the FIPS code of Hamgyong-bukto province was KN16, not KN17, after the merger.
  33. Kyrgyzstan: (p. 211) Some of the ISO codes for the Regions of Kyrgyzstan were incorrect or misplaced.
  34. Laos: (p. 212) The capital of the country should be Vientiane.
  35. Latvia: (p. 214) The ISO codes for two districts were switched. The code for Jekabpils should be JK, and for Jelgava, JL.
  36. Lebanon: (p. 216) The explanation of Population should be "1961 estimate", not "1991 census".
  37. Libya: (p. 219) Population data are 1984 estimates. There was no 1991 census.
  38. Lithuania: (p. 222) The name of Lazdijai rajon was misspelled Ladzijai.
  39. Mali: (p. 233) Population data are from the 1987 census. There was no 1991 census.
  40. Mexico: (p. 241) Sur is Spanish for South; Sul is Portuguese. I slipped from writing "Sur" into "Sul" twice on this page: the last line of Change history, and the second line of Other names of subdivisions.
  41. Mozambique: (p. 251) The capital of Maputo province is Matola, not Maputo.
  42. Myanmar: (p. 253) The explanation of Population should be "1983 census", not 1991.
  43. Nepal: (p. 257) Under Capitals, change "district" to "zone".
  44. Netherlands: (p. 258) The capital of Flevoland is Lelystad, not Dronten. Dronten was the capital at an earlier time.
  45. New Zealand: (p. 264) Under Southland, "Steward" should be "Stewart".
  46. Nicaragua: (p. 266) Populations are 1990 estimates, not a 1991 census.
  47. Norway: (p. 271) The time zone should be "+1d", meaning that Daylight Saving Time is observed.
  48. Palau: (p. 277) The date on which Palau became a freely associated state should be 1994-10-01, not 1995-10-01. The FIPS PUB 5-2 code for Palau should be 70, not 68. Under Further subdivisions, change "Pelau" to "Palau".
  49. Panama: (p. 278) The explanation of Population should say "preliminary returns".
  50. Philippines: (p. 290) The entry for Zamboanga should say jambangan instead of jambanga.
  51. Pitcairn: (p. 292) Population date should be 1991-12-31; month and day are reversed.
  52. Poland: (p. 295) Change the fourth column heading from "is now" to "after 1975". (p. 296) In the entry for 1998-07-27, change "308 countries" to "308 counties".
  53. Puerto Rico: (p. 300, 301) The name of one of the municipalities should be Canóvanas, with an acute accent on the 'o'.
  54. Russia: (pp. 307-309) A number of divisions had the wrong time zone listed in "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries". The ISO codes for some of the federal subjects changed from the draft standard to the final version, and I incorrectly switched the codes for two subjects (Altay territory and Gorno-Altay republic). The correct codes are Altay, ALT; Belgorod, BEL; Gorno-Altay, AL; Kaluga, KLU; Krasnodar, KDA; Krasnoyarsk, KYA; Kurgan, KGN. Some of the time zones were also wrong. There have been many changes since then.
  55. São Tomé e Príncipe: (p. 322) Populations are 1981 census, not 1991.
  56. Slovenia: (p. 330) The statistical regions were incorrectly identified as administrative areas.
  57. Sri Lanka: (p. 344) In the entry for 1982, change "Kotto" to "Kotte".
  58. Svalbard and Jan Mayen: (p. 348) Both divisions should have "+1d" as their time zone.
  59. Syria: (p. 354) Populations are 1981 census, not 1991.
  60. Turkey: (pp. 373-374) The following changes should be made in the column showing 1955 populations for the Turkish provinces: Bingöl should be 114,997 instead of 114,957; Kirklareli should be 213,843 instead of 223,843; the total should be 24,222,778 instead of 24,121,738.
  61. United Kingdom: (p. 386) In the entry for Cheshire, change "camps" to "camp". In the entry for Manchester, change "fort" to "camp". (p. 387) Insert the following two rows at the beginning of the table of English counties as of 1900-1974:
    Bedfordshire 171,707 194,588 206,462 220,525 311,937 395,990 463,493 1,226 Bedford
    Berkshire 252,571 271,009 294,821 311,453 403,141 527,320 633,457 1,877 Reading
    (pp. 390-391) In the column showing 1951 populations for the Scottish counties, Berwick should be 25,068 instead of 25,086; the total should be 5,096,415 instead of 5,096,433.
  62. Yugoslavia: (pp. 415-416) Change the date on which the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was proclaimed from 1918-12-04 to 1918-12-01, in both the introductory paragraph and the Change history.
  63. Index: (p. 452) Insert an "r-hacek" in the space in "St edoslovenský".

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