Sheadings of the Isle of Man

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I added the 1971 populations from source [4], and corrected a couple of minor errors (including the date of the most recent census).

On 2006-03-29, the ISO 3166-1 Maintenance Agency issued an update. The Isle of Man has a new country code assigned to it.

Country overview: 

Short nameISLE OF MAN
ISO codeIM
LanguageEnglish (en)
Time zone0 ~


Although the Isle of Man is tributary to the British crown, it is not part of the United Kingdom. Its autonomy has been recognized since 1765. Its status since 1827 has been Crown dependency. The conventional abbreviation for Isle of Man is "I o M".

Other names of country: 

  1. English: Isle of Man; Mann (variant); Mona (obsolete)
  2. French: le f de Man
  3. German: Insel f Man
  4. Icelandic: Mn
  5. Italian: Isola f di Man
  6. Manx Gaelic: Ellan Vannin
  7. Norwegian: Man
  8. Portuguese: Ilha f de Man
  9. Russian: Остров Мэн
  10. Spanish: Isla f de Man
  11. Turkish: Man Adası

Primary subdivisions: 

The Isle of Man is divided into six sheadings.

6 sheadings80,05856,248572221

Further subdivisions:

See the Parishes of the Isle of Man page.

For hundreds of years, the Isle of Man has been divided into six sheadings, which in turn were subdivided into seventeen parishes. Onchan seems to have changed its status from parish to village recently. At present, the local government units are sixteen parishes, four towns, and four villages. The two parishes with the greatest population are designated as districts.

A government report on electoral redistricting [2], regarding "the desirability of maintaining current community and other boundaries" in drawing election districts, says, "The Isle of Man has a number of such divisions--those of the traditional Sheadings, Parishes (ecclesiastical not always being the same as local government), towns, villages and rural areas. ... Sheading boundaries are the most difficult to respect--and we have noted that these ceased to be regarded as definitive in Tynwald [Parliament]'s limited adoption of the Butler Report's recommendations."

Territorial extent: 

Isle of Man consists of the Isle of Man and the much smaller Calf of Man, both in the Irish Sea.

The UN LOCODE page  for Isle of Man lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Change history: 

1796: Onchan parish moved from Garff sheading to Middle sheading.

2006-03-29: Although there had been no change in the political geography of the Isle of Man, it was given a new ISO country code. Before that time it had been lumped in with the United Kingdom. Its old HASC code was GB.IM; its ISO code, IOM.

Population history:

Census datePopulation


Census moment is 00:00 on the census date. Population is de jure (number of legal residents). Source for 1951-2006 data is [1].


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  2. [2] "Interim Report to Tynwald on the Boundaries of the Constituencies for Elections to the House of Keys ", Boundary Review Committee, Isle of Man Government. January 2006 (retrieved 2006-03-31).
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