Municipalities of North Macedonia

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On February 12, 2019, the Republic of North Macedonia (formerly the Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, or FYROM) notified the UN of its change of name. This is in accordance with the terms of the Prespa Agreement, which was concluded on June 12, 2018 between Greece and FYROM.

Effective 2013-04-05 these five municipalities combined into the new Kicevo municipality: Drugovo, Kicevo, Oslomej, Vranestica, and Zajas. Effective Spellings changed from Debarca to Debrca and Rostusa to Rostuse on 2014-10-21

"Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes, Edition 2" (GENC), a U.S. standard that's supposed to correspond to ISO 3166-2, was issued on 2014-03-31. It used the same codes as ISO did, except that it deleted the entries for the fourteen municipalities marked with asterisks in the table below, and replaced them with Skopje, code MK-85. On 2015-11-27, ISO posted changes that brought it back in synch with GENC.

Update 12 to "Geopolitical Entities and Codes" (GEC) is dated 2013-06-30. It changes the name of Češinovo to Češinovo-Obleševo, which was already shown on this page. It also combines fourteen municipalities into one, Skopje (FIPS code MKF6). The merged municipalities are the ones marked with asterisks in the main table below.

Update 10 to GEC is dated 2012-12-31. It assigns a code to Kruševo, which had lacked one.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter II-3 is dated 2011-12-15. It merely changes the sort order of the divisions of Macedonia.

Before 2010-04, the equivalent of the GEC standard was FIPS PUB 10-4. It listed codes for 83 of the 84 current municipalities in Macedonia. However, the code MKF2 was used for two entries, Aerodrom and Vinitsa. Update 4 to that standard was issued on 2011-04-30. It corrected the error by raising the last three codes in sequence to the next higher number.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter Number I-9 was published on 2007-11-28. It assigns numeric ISO codes to the municipalities, superseding the former alphabetic codes as in ISO 3166-2 Newsletter I-8, published on 2007-04-17. Those can all be derived from the HASC codes by replacing periods with hyphens as delimiters.

FIPS 10-4 Change Notice 11, dated 2006-07-11, has dropped "The Former Republic of" from the name of the country. According to FIPS, it is now simply Macedonia.

Change Notice 7 to FIPS PUB 10-4 is dated 2002-01-10. It assigns FIPS codes to the 123 municipalities of Macedonia (see Change history). These are the divisions that were enacted in 1996-09.

In 1999, the CIA World Factbook had a list of municipalities for Macedonia which was similar to the pre-1996 list shown in "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries". The differences were that the Factbook used the name Murgaševo instead of Demir Hisar (the same place), and replaced Skopje with Skopje-Centar, Skopje-Cair, Skopje-Karpos, Skopje-Kisela Voda, and Skopje-Gazi Baba.

Country overview: 

ISO codeMK
LanguageMacedonian (mk)
Time zone+1 ~


The territory now constituting "the Republic of North Macedonia" was part of the Ottoman Empire in 1900. By the Bucharest Peace Treaty of 1913-08-10, Serbia acquired the territory (except for a small area around Strumica, which was part of Bulgaria until World War I). Serbia, with Macedonia, became part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes on 1918-12-04. This kingdom was soon being called Yugoslavia, although the name didn't become official until 1929. Macedonia became one of the six constituent republics of Yugoslavia under the constitution of 1945. It declared independence from Yugoslavia on 1991-01-25. International recognition came slowly, primarily because Greece objected to its use of the name Macedonia. On 1995-09-13, Greece and Macedonia agreed to normalize relations.

Other names of country: 

  1. Albanian: Maqedonia e Veriut
  2. Danish: Nordmakedonien
  3. Dutch: Noord-Macedonië
  4. English: North Macedonia
  5. Finnish: Pohjois-Makedonia
  6. French: Macédoine du Nord
  7. German: Nordmazedonien
  8. Greek: Bóρεια Mακεδoνια
  9. Icelandic: Norður -Makedónía
  10. Italian: Macedonia del Nord
  11. Macedonian: Северна Македонија
  12. Norwegian: Nord-Makedonia
  13. Portuguese: Macedônia do Norte
  14. Russian: Северная Македония
  15. Serbian: Северна Македонија
  16. Spanish: Macedonia del Norte
  17. Swedish: Nordmakedonien
  18. Turkish: Kuzey Makedonya

Origin of name: 

from ethnic name Makedon, probably related to Ancient Greek makednos: extended, broad

Primary subdivisions: 

North Macedonia is divided into 80 opštini (sing. opština: municipalities).

Municipality HASC ISO GEC Population Area(km.≤)
Aerodrom * MK.AD801MKF3.21.85
Aračinovo MK.AR802MK0113,19231.30
Berovo MK.BR201MK0413,137598.07
Bitola MK.TL501MK0692,777787.95
Bogdanci MK.BG401MK088,329114.54
Bogovinje MK.VJ601MKC730,503141.65
Bosilovo MK.BS402MK1114,115161.99
Brvenica MK.BN602MK1216,491164.30
Butel * MK.BU803MKF4.54.79
Čair * MK.CI815MKC8.3.52
Čaška MK.CA109MKC97,888819.45
Centar * MK.CE814MKD1320,1507.52
Centar Župa MK.CZ313MK186,990107.21
Čučer-Sandevo MK.CS816MK209,744240.78
Debar MK.DB303MKD220,527145.67
Debrca MK.DA304MKF54,185425.39
Delčevo MK.DL203MK2216,594422.39
Demir Hisar MK.DM502MKD38,555480.13
Demir Kapija MK.DK103MK254,119311.06
Dojran MK.SD406MKE53,344129.16
Dolneni MK.DE503MK2813,962412.43
Gazi Baba * MK.GB804MK3276,310110.86
Gevgelija MK.GV405MK3322,831483.43
Gjorče Petrov * MK.GP805MK2942,08166.93
Gostivar MK.GT604MKD483,129513.39
Gradsko MK.GR102MK353,584236.19
Ilinden MK.IL807MK3616,73697.02
Jegunovce MK.JG606MKD510,765176.93
Karbinci MK.KB205MK404,038229.70
Karpoš * MK.KX808MK4160,55035.21
Kavadarci MK.AV104MKD638,951992.44
Kičevo MK.KV (1)307MK4357,124823.68
Kisela Voda * MK.VD809MK44.34.24
Kočani MK.OC206MK4638,004360.36
Konče MK.KN407MK473,596233.05
Kratovo MK.KY701MK519,654375.44
Kriva Palanka MK.KZ702MK5220,234480.81
Krivogaštani MK.KG504MK535,70193.57
Kruševo MK.KS505MK549,559190.68
Kumanovo MK.UM703MKD7108,231509.48
Lipkovo MK.LI704MK5929,605267.82
Lozovo MK.LO105MK602,616166.32
Makedonska Kamenica MK.MK207MK627,709190.37
Makedonski Brod MK.MD308MKD86,403888.97
Mavrovo i RostušeMK.MR607MKE48,894663.19
Mogila MK.MG506MKD96,396255.62
Negotino MK.NG106MK6919,401426.46
Novaci MK.NV507MKE13,246753.53
Novo Selo MK.NS408MK7210,957237.83
Ohrid MK.OD310MKE252,734389.93
Pehčevo MK.PH208MK785,051208.20
Petrovec MK.PE810MK798,910201.93
Plasnica MK.PN311MK804,82954.44
Prilep MK.PP508MKE375,8261194.44
Probištip MK.PT209MK8315,443325.57
Radoviš MK.RV409MK8428,915497.48
Rankovce MK.RN705MK853,815240.71
Resen MK.RE509MK8616,345550.77
Rosoman MK.RM107MK874,082132.90
Saraj * MK.AJ811MK9039,729229.06
Sopište MK.SS812MK92.222.10
Staro Nagoričane MK.NA706MK974,172433.41
Štip MK.ST211MK9848,590583.24
Struga MK.UG312MKE665,060483.00
Strumica MK.RU410MKE756,615321.49
Studeničani MK.SU813MKA220,450276.16
Šuto Orizari * MK.SO817MKA3.7.48
Sveti Nikole MK.SL108MKA417,968482.89
Tearce MK.TR608MKA522,840136.54
Tetovo MK.ET609MKE890,800261.89
Valandovo MK.VA403MKE911,883331.40
Vasilevo MK.VL404MKA912,798230.40
Veles MK.VE101MKF154,878427.45
Vevčani MK.VV301MKB32,47322.80
Vinica MK.NI202MKF219,504432.67
Vrapčište MK.VH603MKB727,224157.98
Zelenikovo MK.ZK806MKC24,662176.95
Želino MK.ZE605MKC327,329201.04
Zrnovci MK.ZR204MKC63,09655.82
80 municipalities 2,064,03225,448
  • Municipality: The 10 municipalities marked
    with asterisks equate to the City of Skopje.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Codes from ISO 3166-2; changed codes to
    match the planning regions (2020-03-02).
  • GEC: "Geopolitical Entities and Codes." The
    former FIPS code is no longer used.
  • Population: 2013-06-30 estimate.
  • Area: Total area includes 571 of
    inland water.

Postal codes: 

When the territory now known as North Macedonia first gained independence from Yugoslavia, it continued to use the old Yugoslav postal codes. They were five digits, and for locations in North Macedonia, the first digit was 9. More recently, North Macedonia has begun to use four-digit postal codes. For international mail, especially from Europe, it is optional to prefix the postal code with MK- or MAK-.

Further subdivisions:

  1. In 1968, Skopje commune is shown divided into three parts: Idadija, Kale, and Kisela Voda.
  2. In 1994, Skopje municipality is shown divided into five parts: Čair, Centar, Gazi Baba, Karpoš, and Kisela Voda.

Territorial extent: 

The UN LOCODE page  for North Macedonia lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Change history: 

  1. I've made use of the chronology found in source [7].
  2. The territory of Macedonia was parts of the Turkish provinces of Kosovo, Monastir, and Saloniki before 1913. From 1918 to 1945 it was part of Serbia within Yugoslavia.
  3. 1945: Macedonia became a republic of Yugoslavia, subdivided into the kotari (regions) of Bitola, Kumanovo, Ohrid, Skopje, Štip, Tetovo, and Titov Veles. The Ministry site disagrees. It says that by a 1945 law, Macedonia was divided into four okruzi (regions), 32 okolii, and 894 local people's committees.
  4. 1952-1955: Regions abolished and replaced by opštini (communes).
  5. 1952: Number of opshtini retuced from 223 to 86, and of okolii from 18 to 7.
  6. 1957: Number of opshtini reduced to 73.
  7. 1965: New law reduced the number of opshtini to 32, and abolished the okolii.
  8. 1976: Macedonia had 34 opshtini, including Centar, Čair, Gazi Baba, Karpoš, and Kisela Voda. The latter five, considered as a unit, formed Skopje City, which had the special status of opshtini-like political union (opštestveno-politička zaednica).
Commune HASC Population Area(km.≤) Area(mi.≤)
Berovo MK.BV19,737 807 312
Bitola MK.BT106,012 1,699 656
Brod MK.BD10,912 924 357
Debar MK.DB26,449 264 102
Delčevo MK.DC25,052 585 226
Demir Hisar MK.DH10,321 431 166
Gevgelija MK.GG34,767 757 292
Gostivar MK.GS108,189 1,356 524
Kavadarci MK.KA41,801 1,134 438
Kičevo MK.KI53,044 852 329
Kočani MK.KO48,105 571 220
Kratovo MK.KY10,855 376 145
Kriva Palanka MK.KP25,112 720 278
Kruševo MK.KR11,981 201 78
Kumanovo MK.KU126,543 1,190 459
Negotino MK.NE23,094 736 284
Ohrid MK.OH60,841 1,031 398
Prilep MK.PL93,248 1,824 704
ProbištipMK.PS16,375 326 126
Radoviš MK.RA30,375 736 284
Resen MK.RE17,467 739 285
Skopje MK.SK541,280 1,840 710
Štip MK.SP50,531 810 313
Struga MK.SG62,305 541 209
Strumica MK.SM89,759 953 368
Sveti Nikole MK.SN21,391 645 249
Tetovo MK.TE174,748 1,080 417
Titov Veles MK.TV65,523 1,536 593
Valandovo MK.VA12,049 331 128
Vinica MK.VI19,010 438 169
30 communes 1,936,87625,4339,819
  1. Note: In the above table, I originally assigned Kratovo a HASC code of MK.KT. I have changed it to MK.KY because it appears to have the same boundaries as the municipality called Kratovo after 1996.
  2. 1991-11-20: New constitution specified a division into municipalities, equivalent to the former communes, with the City of Skopje as a special unit.
  3. 1996-09: Macedonia reorganized into 123 opštini (sing. opština: municipalities), as shown in the following table, by a Law on Territorial Division.
Municipality HASC FIPS Pop-2002 Pop-1994 Area(km.≤)OldNew
Aračinovo MK.ARMK01 11,992 9,960 38SKAR
Bač MK.BAMK02 755 963 238BTNV
Belčišta MK.BEMK03 2,940 3,354 363OHDA
Berovo MK.BRMK04 13,941 14,179 597BVBR
Bistrica MK.BIMK05 5,042 5,779 234BTTL
Bitola MK.BOMK06 86,408 86,176 236BTTL
Blatec MK.BLMK07 2,024 2,005 97VINI
Bogdanci MK.BGMK08 8,707 8,899 114GGBG
Bogomila MK.BMMK09 1,252 1,336 262TVCA
Bogovinje MK.BJMK10 14,555 13,001 71TEVJ
Bosilovo MK.BSMK11 12,457 12,476 143SMBS
Brvenica MK.BNMK12 15,855 14,793 164TEBN
Čair * MK.CRMK13 68,395 63,375 53SKBU,CI
Capari MK.CPMK14 1,424 1,793 164BTTL
Čaška MK.CKMK15 2,878 2,876 231TVCA
Čegrane MK.CGMK16 12,310 11,746 69GSGT
Centar * MK.CEMK17 82,604 85,021 9SKCE
Centar Župa MK.CZMK18 6,299 62,006 107DBCZ
Češinovo MK.CNMK19 2,419 2,540 51KOCH
Čučer-Sandevo MK.CSMK20 8,493 8,064 215SKCS
Debar MK.DBMK21 17,952 175,886 85DBDB
Delčevo MK.DLMK22 17,505 17,726 423DCDL
Delogoždi MK.DGMK23 7,884 6,561 56SGUG
Demir Hisar MK.DXMK24 7,178 7,616 219DHDM
Demir Kapija MK.DKMK25 4,545 4,815 312NEDK
Dobruševo MK.DOMK26 2,174 2,379 98BTMG
Dolna Banjica MK.DJMK27 9,467 7,791 55GSGT
Dolneni MK.DNMK28 11,583 11,705 390PLDE
–orče Petrov * MK.GPMK29 41,490 37,961 63SKGP
Drugovo MK.DRMK30 3,249 3,555 383KIDR
DžepčišteMK.DZMK31 7,919 7,286 32TEET
Gazi Baba * MK.GBMK32 72,222 67,664 92SKGB
Gevgelija MK.GEMK33 20,362 19,488 317GGGV
Gostivar MK.GOMK34 49,545 45,740 50GSGT
Gradsko MK.GRMK35 3,760 3,822 291TVGR
Ilinden MK.ILMK36 15,894 14,512 97SKIL
Izvor MK.IZMK37 1,049 1,157 234TVCA
Jegunovce MK.JEMK38 7,227 7,013 78TEJG
Kamenjane MK.KJMK39 14,442 12,136 70TEVJ
Karbinci MK.KBMK40 4,012 4,342 231SPKB
Karpoš * MK.KXMK41 59,810 58,359 21SKKX
Kavadarci MK.KDMK42 38,391 37,189 392KAAV
Kičevo MK.KHMK43 30,138 27,543 48KIKH
Kisela Voda * MK.KVMK44125,379 118,079 43SKAD,VD
Klečevce MK.KLMK45 1,609 2,162 164KUNA
Kočani MK.KCMK46 33,689 32,051 229KOOC
Konče MK.KNMK47 3,536 3,713 233RAKN
Kondovo MK.KWMK48 11,155 9,840 74SKAJ
Konopište MK.KFMK49 350 510 606KAAV
Kosel MK.KEMK50 1,369 1,759 182OHOD
Kratovo MK.KYMK51 10,441 10,898 375KYKY
Kriva Palanka MK.KZMK52 20,820 20,782 482KPKZ
Krivogaštani MK.KGMK53 6,007 6,312 88PLKG
Kruševo MK.KSMK54 9,684 9,821 190KRKS
Kukliš MK.KKMK55 4,449 4,682 125SMRU
Kukurečani MK.KQMK56 2,511 2,859 156BTTL
Kumanovo MK.KMMK57103,205 94,589 297KUUM
Labuništa MK.LAMK58 8,935 9,312 57SGUG
Lipkovo MK.LIMK59 27,058 24,351 270KULI
Lozovo MK.LOMK60 2,858 2,916 166SNLO
Lukovo MK.LUMK61 1,509 1,932 197SGUG
Makedonska Kamenica MK.MKMK62 8,110 8,084 189DCMK
Makedonski Brod MK.MBMK63 5,588 5,517 403BDMD
Mavrovi Anovi MK.MAMK64 984 1,349 484GSMR
Mešeišta MK.MEMK65 2,567 2,918 60OHDA
Miravci MK.MIMK66 2,626 2,779 167GGGV
Mogila MK.MOMK67 4,536 4,954 157BTMG
Murtino MK.MUMK68 6,544 6,230 52SMRU
Negotino MK.NGMK69 19,212 18,341 414NENG
Negotino-Pološko MK.NPMK70 16,813 14,992 98GSVH
Novaci MK.NOMK71 2,478 2,844 186BTNV
Novo Selo MK.NSMK72 11,966 12,382 257SMNS
Obleševo MK.OBMK73 5,071 5,356 82KOCH
Ohrid MK.OXMK74 54,380 52,732 210OHOD
Orašac MK.ORMK75 1,252 1,638 135KUUM
Orizari MK.OZMK76 4,403 4,724 128KOOC
Oslomej MK.OSMK77 10,425 9,170 137KIOS
Pehčevo MK.PHMK78 5,517 5,650 208BVPH
Petrovec MK.PEMK79 8,255 8,123 222SKPE
Plasnica MK.PNMK80 4,545 4,449 54BDPN
Podareš MK.POMK81 3,746 3,669 128RARV
Prilep MK.PRMK82 73,351 71,899 544PLPP
Probištip MK.PBMK83 12,765 12,963 205PSPT
Radoviš MK.RDMK84 24,498 23,143 374RARV
Rankovce MK.RNMK85 4,144 4,347 240KPRN
Resen MK.REMK86 16,825 17,681 549RERE
Rosoman MK.RMMK87 4,141 4,238 133KARM
Rostuša MK.RTMK88 9,451 10,366 372GSMR
Samokov MK.SAMK89 1,553 2,057 472BDMD
Saraj MK.SJMK90 24,253 21,302 156SKAJ
Šipkovica MK.SIMK91 7,820 6,797 145TEET
Sopište MK.SSMK92 9,522 9,684 223SKSS
Sopotnica MK.SCMK93 2,319 2,994 261DHDM
Srbinovo MK.SBMK94 3,709 3,951 112GSGT
Staravina MK.SVMK95 316 456 331BTNV
Star Dojran MK.SDMK96 3,426 3,651 129GGSD
Staro Nagoričane MK.SEMK97 4,258 5,074 351KUNA
Štip MK.STMK98 47,796 46,372 583SPST
Struga MK.SQMK99 36,892 35,509 136SGUG
Strumica MK.SRMKA1 45,087 43,868 134SMRU
Studeničani MK.SUMKA2 17,246 14,747 276SKSU
Šuto Orizari * MK.SOMKA3 17,357 14,301 6SKSO
Sveti Nikole MK.SLMKA4 18,497 18,528 483SNSL
Tearce MK.TRMKA5 22,454 20,797 137TETR
Tetovo MK.TTMKA6 70,841 65,318 85TEET
Topolčani MK.TOMKA7 2,923 3,385 159PLPP
Valandovo MK.VAMKA8 11,890 12,092 331VAVA
Vasilevo MK.VLMKA9 12,122 11,409 231SMVL
Veles MK.VEMKB1 57,602 56,751 518TVVE
Velešta MK.VSMKB2 8,156 6,917 23SGUG
Vevčani MK.VVMKB3 2,433 2,448 35SGVV
Vinica MK.VNMKB4 17,914 17,058 335VINI
Vitolište MK.VTMKB5 494 882 495PLPP
Vraneštica MK.VCMKB6 1,322 1,650 109KIVC
Vrapčište MK.VPMKB7 8,586 8,416 59GSVH
Vratnica MK.VRMKB8 3,563 3,270 96TEJG
Vrutok MK.VKMKB9 5,999 5,460 89GSGT
Zajas MK.ZAMKC1 11,605 10,055 161KIZA
Zelenikovo MK.ZKMKC2 4,077 4,236 177SKZK
Želino MK.ZEMKC3 24,390 21,760 201TEZE
Žitoše MK.ZIMKC4 2,128 2,116 28KRDE
Zletovo MK.ZLMKC5 3,428 3,687 121PSPT
Zrnovci MK.ZRMKC6 3,264 3,344 52KOZR
123 municipalities 2,022,5471,945,93225,713
  • Municipality: The seven municipalities marked with an asterisk constitute
    Greater Skopje.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4.
  • Pop-1994: 1994-06-20 census (source [9]).
  • Pop-2002: 2002-10-31 census.
  • Old: Pre-1996 municipality from which this division was taken (end of HASC).
  • New: Post-2004 municipality to which this division belongs (end of HASC).
  1. This Macedonian government webpage , and its Macedonian language version , list the country divisions at NUTS levels 3, 4, and 5. The NUTS-3 divisions are eight arbitrary statistical regions. The NUTS-4 divisions are the same as the thirty communes from the period before 1996, except that Skopje is replaced by five NUTS-4 divisions: Čair, Centar, Gazi Baba, Karpoš, and Kisela Voda. The NUTS-5 divisions are the 123 municipalities. However, these documents don't give the specific NUTS codes used. (This link is dead, and we do not have a replacement yet).
  2. 2004-08-11: Law on Territorial Organization passed by Parliament (and published in official gazette on 2004-08-16), reorganizing Macedonia into 84 municipalities, as shown under Primary subdivisions. In most cases, the new municipalities are equal to one or several of the old ones, but Butel municipality was split from Čair and Aerodrom municipality from Kisela Voda.
  3. With one exception, each of the 84 municipalities is a subset of one of the thirty pre-1996 communes. The exception is Dolneni (HASC code MK.DE). It consists of two 1996-2004-era municipalities: Dolneni (MK.DN) and Žitoše (MK.ZI). Going back before 1996, those areas were in Prilep (MK.PL) and Kruševo (MK.KR), respectively.
  4. 2019-02-12: The Republic of North Macedonia notified the UN of its name change, in accordance with the Prespa Agreement which was agreed upon by Greece and former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on 2018-06-12.

Other names of subdivisions: 

The Macedonian language is written in the Cyrillic alphabet, so the usual vagaries of transliteration are found. For example, č and š may be transliterated as c and s, or as ch and sh.

  1. Bitola: Bitolia, Monastir (obsolete)
  2. Brod: Makedonska Brod (variant)
  3. Demir Hisar: Murgaševo (variant)
  4. Džepčište: Dzhepishte (variant)
  5. Gevgelija: Djevdjelija (variant)
  6. Gostivar: Kostovo (obsolete)
  7. Ohrid: Ochrida, Okhrida (obsolete)
  8. Skopje: Skopie (Spanish); Skoplie, ‹skub, Uskup (obsolete); Skoplje (Dutch, Spanish)
  9. Štip: Ishtip, Istib (obsolete)
  10. Titov Veles: Veles (variant)


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