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February, 2007

Changes affecting status:

  1. Italy: I added the three new provinces to the table.
  2. Philippines: New province of Dinagat Islands.

Other data added:

  1. The World Telephone Numbering Guide  reports that Mayotte's international dialing prefix will change from +269 (Comoros) to +262 (Reunion) on 2007-03-30. I haven't been able to find independent confirmation yet.
  2. Norway: Extended change history to 19th century.
  3. Timor-Leste: Changed HASC codes to match ISO.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Italy: Three communes moving to Monza e Brianza province.
  2. Norway: Updated municipalities to 2006.

Time zones:

  1. Mongolia: Country is abandoning DST.
  2. United States: Pulaski County, Indiana will switch.
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