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July, 2009

Changes affecting status:

  1. Canada: Name of Yukon Territory changed to Yukon.

Other data added:

  1. China: Added MARC province codes.
  2. Denmark: Small corrections to population.

Time zones:

I'm trying to catch up with the latest time zone changes, and reconcile the Statoids site with the tz database used in Posix.

  1. Australia: Recent time zone changes.
  2. Bangladesh: Has adopted DST, at least for 2009.
  3. Guatemala: Stopped using DST.
  4. Haiti: Stopped using DST.
  5. Iran: Had a hiatus in using DST, but resumed in 2008.
  6. Iraq: Stopped using DST in 2008.
  7. Nicaragua: Stopped using DST.
  8. Tunisia: Has gone off DST for 2009 only.
  9. Western Sahara: Probably not observing DST.

Changes to site:

  1. Continents: Discussion of continents as determinate geographic regions.
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