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December, 2013

Changes affecting status:

  1. Maldives: Provinces abolished.
  2. Panama: Changed some capitals.
  3. Yemen: New governorate created.

Other data added:

  1. Equatorial Guinea: Added 2001 population data.
  2. New Caledonia: More population data, including 2009 census.
  3. Niue: Added 2011 census data.
  4. Norfolk Island: More population data, including 2011 census.
  5. Panama: Added to change history.
  6. Saint Vincent: Added population history.
  7. Somalia: More and better population data.
  8. Tonga: Added populations from 2011 census.
  9. Zimbabwe: Added populations from 2012 census.
  10. I updated the Factoids page with my latest data.

Secondary divisions:

  1. New Caledonia: Added 2009 census data.
  2. Somalia: Added list of districts in 1961.
  3. Tonga: Added populations from 2011 census.

Time zones:

  1. Jordan: Switched to UTC+2.
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