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November, 2013

Changes affecting status:

  1. Montenegro: A new commune will be formed.
  2. Panama: A new province is on the verge of being formed.
  3. Philippines: Davao Occidental province formed.

Other data added:

  1. Albania: Added 2011 census data.
  2. Barbados: Added 2010 census data.
  3. Cameroon: Added 2005 census data.
  4. Cuba: Added 2012 census data.
  5. Monaco: New division into quarters.
  6. North Korea: Better figures for 1993 and 2008 censuses.
  7. South Korea: Added 2010 census, and improved figures for 2000 census.
  8. Montenegro: Added license plate codes.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Cuba: Added 2012 census data.
  2. Paraguay: Added to change history.
  3. United States: An independent city merged with its county.
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