Districts of Palestine

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The ISO maintenance committee has circulated a document N849, dated 2015-10-02. It proposes assigning ISO 3166-2 codes to the two major divisions of Palestine, as shown in the table below.

The ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency , following the lead of the United Nations Statistics Division, issued a new country code for Palestine on 1999-10-01. It used the code PS, which had already been reserved for a possible future Palestinian state. The name associated with the code at that time was "Palestinian Territory, Occupied"; in French, "Territoire palestinien occupé". The announcement came in update V-2 to International standard ISO 3166-1. ISO 3166-2 Newsletter Number I-3, published on 2002-08-20, brought the two standards documents (3166-1 and 3166-2) into conformity with one another. It didn't report any subdivisions. Now, ISO 3166-1 Newsletter VI-14, dated 2013-02-06, changes the formal name to "Palestine, State of," or in French, "Palestine, État de."

The GENC standard treats Palestine as two countries, Gaza and West Bank.

Country overview: 

ISO codePS
GEC codeGZ, WE
LanguagesArabic (ar)
Time zone+2 ~


The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are listed under Palestine in this work, merely because the international standard has issued a code for "Occupied Palestinian Territory". No inference should be drawn about the actual or rightful status of these territories.

The status of this area is currently in flux. The government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority both exercise control, to varying extents, over various parts of the territories.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: De Palæstinensiske Selvstyreområder
  2. Dutch: Palestina, Staat Palestina
  3. Finnish: Palestiina
  4. French: Palestine f, Territoire m Palestinien Occupé
  5. German: Palästina n, Palästinensische Autonomiegebiete np
  6. Icelandic: Palestína
  7. Italian: Autoritā f Palestinese, Palestina
  8. Norwegian: Palestina
  9. Portuguese: Palestina, Estado m da Palestina f (formal)
  10. Russian: Государство Палестина (variant), Палестинская национальная администрация (formal)
  11. Spanish: Cisjordania y Franja de Gaza, Palestina
  12. Turkish: Filistin

Primary subdivisions: 

Palestine is divided into two districts.

West BankPS.WEWBKWEXW,XWB2,345,1071,873,4765,8792,270Ariha (Jericho)
2 districts3,761,6462,895,6836,2422,410
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: District codes from ISO 3166-2 (provisional).
  • GEC: Codes from GEC. The Gaza Strip and the West Bank
    have separate country codes.
  • GENC: Two-letter and three-letter country codes from GENC.
  • Pop-2007: 2007-12-01 census.
  • Pop-1997: 1997-12-09 census.

Further subdivisions:

See the Governorates of Palestine page.

Territorial extent: 

Gaza and the West Bank are two discontiguous blocks of land. Gaza is a narrow strip along the Mediterranean Sea; West Bank lies immediately to the west of the Jordan River.

The UN LOCODE page  for Palestine lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Other names of subdivisions: 

  1. Gaza: Bande de Gaza (French); Franja de Gaza (Spanish); Gaza Strip (variant); Сектор Газа (Russian)
  2. West Bank: Cisjordania (Spanish, variant); Cisjordanie (French); Giudea e Samaria (Italian); Judea and Samaria (variant, used by Israeli authorities); Northern (variant); Westelijke Jordaanoever (Dutch); Westjordanland (German); Zona de Jericķ (Spanish); Zone de Jéricho (French); Западный берег реки Иордан (Russian)


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