Provinces of Vietnam

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Update 8 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes, the successor to FIPS standard 10-4, is dated 2012-05-01. It deleted the FIPS code for Ha Tay province. ISO 3166-2 deleted its code for Ha Tay on 2014-11-03. In the same update, ISO added diacritics as needed to the province names.

Update 15 to the GEC, the successor to the FIPS standard, is dated 2014-03-31. It changes the spelling of one province from Dac Lak to Dak Lak (with diacritics that I am not currently able to display).

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter II-3 is dated 2011-12-15. For Vietnam, the five municipalities have been given new ISO codes that are alphabetic rather than numeric. Previously, their codes were 48 for Can Tho, 60 for Da Nang, 62 for Haiphong, 64 for Hanoi, and 65 for Ho Chi Minh. This update doesn't reflect the removal of Ha Tay province.

FIPS 10-4 Change Notice 12, dated 2007-06-11, has FIPS codes for the three new provinces. The table has been updated accordingly. The standard also designates Can Tho and Da Nang as municipalities rather than provinces.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter number I-7 was published on 2005-09-13. It provides codes for the three new provinces created in 2003 (and reported here on 2003-11-27).

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter Number I-2 was published on 2002-05-21. The only change to Vietnamese provinces is a spelling correction, changing "thanh po" to "thanh pho" in the formal name of Ho Chi Minh.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter Number I-1 was published on 2000-06-21. The original ISO 3166-2 standard had assigned the same code, 24, to both Quang Binh and Quang Ninh provinces. The update changes the code for Quang Ninh to 13 to avoid duplication.

Country overview: 

Short nameVIETNAM
ISO codeVN
LanguageVietnamese (vi)
Time zone+7


Vietnam was part of French Indo-China in 1900. It attained partial independence in 1949. In 1954, the French, tired of fighting the Communists in the north, but unwilling to abandon the country to them, agreed to partition it along the 17th parallel. The parts were North Vietnam (capital Hanoi) and South Vietnam (Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City). Conflict continued until the two countries were formally united on 1976-07-02.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Vietnam
  2. Dutch: Vietnam, Socialistische Republiek Vietnam (formal)
  3. English: Vietnam, Viet Nam (variant), Socialist Republic of Vietnam (formal)
  4. Finnish: Vietnam
  5. French: Viêt Nam m
  6. German: Vietnam n
  7. Icelandic: Víetnam
  8. Italian: Vietnam m
  9. Norwegian: Den sosialistiske republikk Vietnam (formal) (Bokmål), Den sosialistiske republikken Vietnam (formal) (Nynorsk), Vietnam
  10. Portuguese: Vietname, Vietnam, Vietnã m (Brazil), República f Socialista do Vietname m (formal)
  11. Russian: Социалистическая Республика Вьетнам (formal)
  12. Spanish: Vietnam m, República f Socialista de Viet Nam m (formal)
  13. Swedish: Vietnam
  14. Turkish: Vietnam, Vietnam Sosyalist Cumhuriyeti (formal)
  15. Vietnamese: Công Hòa Xã Hôi Chu Nghia Viêt Nam (formal)

Origin of name: 

Vietnamese viet: foreigner, nam: south, applied by Chinese to foreigners from the south

Primary subdivisions: 

Vietnam is divided into tinh (provinces) and thu do (formerly called thanh pho; municipalities).

ProvinceHASCISOFIPSPostPop-2009Pop-1999Area(km.²)Area(mi.²)CapitalPart1965 Prov.
An Giang VN.AG44VM01942,144,7722,049,0393,5371,366Long XuyenS-CAn Giang
Bac Can VN.BK53VM7217294,660275,2504,8591,876Bac CanN-TBac Can
Bac Giang VN.BG54VM71211,555,7201,492,1913,8281,478Bac GiangN-TBac Giang
Bac Lieu VN.BL55VM7399856,250736,3252,502966Bac LieuS-CBa Xuyen
Bac Ninh VN.BN56VM74161,024,151941,389823318Bac NinhN-TBac Ninh
Ba Ria-Vung TauVN.BV43VM4574994,837800,5681,987767Vung TauS-CPhuoc Tuy
Ben Tre VN.BR50VM03831,254,5891,296,9142,360911Ben TreS-CKien Hoa
Binh Dinh VN.BD31VM46531,485,9431,461,0466,0402,332Qui NhonS-ABinh Dinh
Binh Duong VN.BI57VM75721,482,636716,4272,6951,041Thu Dau MotS-CBinh Duong
Binh Phuoc VN.BP58VM7677874,961653,6446,8752,654Dong XoaiS-CBinh Long, Phuoc Long
Binh Thuan VN.BU40VM47621,169,4501,047,0407,8103,015Phan ThietS-ABinh Thuan, Binh Tuy
Ca Mau VN.CM59VM77961,205,1081,117,8295,3322,059Ca MauS-CAn Xuyen
Can Tho VN.CNCTVM87921,187,0891,112,0001,402541Can ThoS-CChuong Thien, Phong Dinh
Cao Bang VN.CB04VM0522510,884490,7006,7252,597Cao BangN-TCao Bang
Dac Lac VN.DC33VM88551,728,3801,666,80013,1255,068Buon Ma ThuotS-ADaklak, Darlac, Quang Duc
Dac Nong VN.DO72VM9155489,442362,1106,5162,516Gia NghiaS-ADaklak, Darlac, Quang Duc
Da Nang VN.DADNVM7859887,069684,1311,283495Da NangS-AQuang Nam
Dien Bien VN.DB71VM9228491,046440,3309,5633,692Dien Bien PhuN-TLai Chau
Dong Nai VN.DN39VM43712,483,2111,989,5415,9032,279Bien HoaS-CBien Hoa, Long Khanh, Phuoc Thanh
Dong Thap VN.DT45VM09931,665,4201,564,9773,3751,303Cao LanhS-CKien Phong
Gia Lai VN.GL30VM49541,272,792971,92015,5375,999PleikuS-APhu Bon, Pleiku
Ha Giang VN.HG03VM5029724,353602,7007,9463,068Ha GiangN-THa Giang
Hai Duong VN.HD61VM79341,703,4921,649,7791,650637Hai DuongN-THai Duong
Haiphong VN.HPHPVM13351,837,3021,672,9921,522588HaiphongN-TKien An
Ha Nam VN.HM63VM8030785,057791,618860332Phu LyN-TPhu Ly
Hanoi VN.HIHNVM44106,448,8375,058,8923,3451,292HanoiN-THanoi, Ha Dong, Son Tay
Ha Tinh VN.HT23VM52431,227,5541,269,0136,0262,327Ha TinhN-AHa Tinh
Hau Giang VN.HU73VM9392756,625766,1001,601618Vi ThanhS-CChuong Thien, Phong Dinh
Hoa Binh VN.HO14VM5313786,964757,6374,5951,774Hoa BinhN-THoa Binh
Ho Chi Minh VN.HCSGVM20707,123,3405,037,1552,096809Ho Chi Minh CityS-CBien Hoa, Gia Dinh, Hau Nghia
Hung Yen VN.HY66VM81391,128,7021,068,705923356Hung YenN-THung Yen
Khanh Hoa VN.KH34VM54571,156,9031,031,2625,2182,015Nha TrangS-AKhanh Hoa
Kien Giang VN.KG47VM21951,683,1491,494,4336,3462,450Rach GiaS-CKien Giang
Kon Tum VN.KT28VM5558430,037314,0429,6913,742Kon TumS-AKontum
Lai Chau VN.LI01VM8928370,135313,5109,1123,518Phong ThoN-TLai Chau
Lam Dong VN.LD35VM23611,186,786996,2199,7723,773Da LatS-ALam Dong, Tuyen Duc
Lang Son VN.LS09VM3920731,887704,6438,3243,214Lang SonN-TLang Son
Lao Cai VN.LO02VM9019613,075594,6376,3842,465Lao CaiN-TLao Cai
Long An VN.LA41VM24811,436,9141,306,2024,4941,735Tan AnS-CLong An, Hau Nghia, Kien Tuong
Nam Dinh VN.ND67VM82321,825,7711,888,4001,653638Nam DinhN-TNam Dinh
Nghe An VN.NA22VM58422,913,0552,858,26516,4916,367VinhN-ANghe An
Ninh Binh VN.NB18VM5940898,459884,0801,389536Ninh BinhN-TNinh Binh
Ninh Thuan VN.NT36VM6063564,129503,0483,3581,297Phan Rang-Thap ChamS-ANinh Thuan
Phu Tho VN.PT68VM83241,313,9261,261,5003,5321,364Viet TriN-TPhu Tho
Phu Yen VN.PY32VM6156861,993786,9725,0611,954Tuy HoaS-APhu Yen
Quang Binh VN.QB24VM6245846,924793,8638,0653,114Dong HoiN-AQuang Binh
Quang Nam VN.QM27VM84511,419,5031,372,42410,4384,030Tam KyS-AQuang Nam, Quang Tin
Quang Ngai VN.QG29VM63521,217,1591,190,0065,1531,990Quang NgaiS-AQuang Ngai
Quang Ninh VN.QN13VM30361,144,3811,004,4616,0992,355Ha LongN-TQuang Yen, Hai Ninh
Quang Tri VN.QT25VM6446597,985573,3314,7471,833Dong HaS-AQuang Tri
Soc Trang VN.ST52VM65971,289,4411,173,8203,3121,279Soc TrangS-CBa Xuyen
Son La VN.SL05VM32271,080,641881,38314,1745,473Son LaN-TSon La
Tay Ninh VN.TN37VM33731,066,402965,2404,0491,563Tay NinhS-CTay Ninh
Thai Binh VN.TB20VM35331,780,9541,785,6001,567605Thai BinhN-TThai Binh
Thai Nguyen VN.TY69VM85231,124,7861,046,1633,5261,361Thai NguyenN-TThai Nguyen
Thanh Hoa VN.TH21VM34413,400,2393,467,60911,1334,298Thanh HoaN-AThanh Hoa
Thua Thien-Hue VN.TT26VM66471,087,5791,045,1345,0631,955HuéS-AThua Thien
Tien Giang VN.TG46VM37821,670,2161,605,1472,484959My ThoS-CGo Cong, Dinh Tuong
Tra Vinh VN.TV51VM67901,000,933965,7122,295886Tra VinhS-CVinh Binh
Tuyen Quang VN.TQ07VM6825725,467675,1105,8702,266Tuyen QuangN-TTuyen Quang
Vinh Long VN.VL49VM69911,028,3651,010,4861,479571Vinh LongS-CVinh Long
Vinh Phuc VN.VC70VM86111,000,8381,091,9731,232476Vinh YenN-TVinh Yen, Phuc Yen
Yen Bai VN.YB06VM7026740,905679,7006,8992,664Yen BaiN-TYen Bai
63 divisions85,789,57376,327,900331,051127,820
  • Province: Five of these divisions (Can Tho, Da Nang, Haiphong, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh) are municipalities.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Province codes from ISO 3166-2. For full identification in a global context, prefix "VN-" to the code (ex: VN-51 represents Tra Vinh).
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4, a U.S. government standard.
  • Post: First two digits of postal code (source [2]).
  • Pop-2009: 2009-04-01 census (source [9]).
  • Pop-1999: 1999-04-01 census (source [7]).
  • Areas: General Statistics Office.
  • Part: Key to division of country in 1960, 1920. First letter in each pair is N for North Vietnam or S for South Vietnam. Second letter is
    A for Annam, C for Cochin China, T for Tonkin.
  • 1965 Prov.: Province(s) existing in 1965 which occupied approximately the same territory as the modern province.

Postal code: 

Vietnam uses six-digit postal codes, where the first two digits determine a province or city. The codes shown in the table above were valid as of 2002. If no postal codes were changed during subsequent province mergers and splits, some of the codes in Hanoi municipality would begin with 31 from the old Ha Tay province.

Further subdivisions:

See the Districts of Vietnam page.

Various sources, including the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, show the country divided into six to eight regions. There is no consistency to the regional division, even within the GSO. Their purpose seems to be statistical, not administrative. For that reason, I've decided not to list them.

Source [8] shows the number of lower-level subdivisions: cities under provinces, urban districts, towns, rural districts, precincts, towns under districts, and communes. According to it, as of 2004-12-31, Vietnam was divided at the secondary level into 25 cities under provinces, 42 urban districts, 536 rural districts, and 59 towns; at the tertiary level into 1,181 precincts, 583 towns under districts, and 9,012 communes. (The source doesn't make it clear, so the tertiary level may not be exhaustive, or may have additional structure not shown.)

Territorial extent: 

  1. Vietnam claims the Paracel and Spratly islands in the South China Sea.
  2. Ba Ria-Vung Tau includes the Con Dao islands.
  3. Kien Giang includes the islands Phu Quoc, Rai, Tre, and others in the Gulf of Siam.

The UN LOCODE page  for Vietnam lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Origins of names: 

  1. Haiphong: Vietnamese hai: sea, phong: room
  2. Hanoi: Vietnamese ha: river, noi: interior
  3. Ho Chi Minh City: named for North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh (pseudonym of Nguyen Ai Quoc, 1890-1969)

Change history: 

  1. By 1900 the French had established a protectorate (tantamount to a colony) over Indo-China, known as the Indochinese Union or French Indo-China. It was divided into the territories of Anam (French name Annam; capital Hué), Cambodia (Cambodge; Phnom Penh), Cochin China (Cochinchine; Saigon), Laos (Laos; Louang Prabang), and Tongking (Tonkin; Hanoi). Anam, Cochin China, and Tongking were essentially equivalent to present-day Vietnam. The Vietnamese names for them were Trung Bo, Nam Bo, and Bac Bo respectively, meaning Center, South, and North. They were subdivided into provinces.
  2. 1954-07-21: Cease-fire agreement signed between France and the Viet Minh rebels, partitioning Vietnam into North Vietnam and South Vietnam at the parallel 17° North.
  3. 1954-12-29: North and South Vietnam became independent.
  4. 1959: South Vietnam consisted of 22 provinces of Cochin China and most of 13 provinces of Annam; North Vietnam consisted of 4 provinces of Annam and 29 provinces of Tonkin (?). Their formal names were Republic of Vietnam and Democratic Republic of Vietnam, respectively.
  5. 1976-07-02: North and South Vietnam merged to form Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Name of Saigon changed to Ho Chi Minh City.
  6. ~1978: Cao Lang province split into Cao Bang and Lang Son.
  7. 1979-05-30: Vung Tau-Con Dao dac khu (special zone) formed by taking the area around Vung Tau (Cape Saint Jacques) from Dong Nai, and the Con Dao islands from Hau Giang. Before this change, the FIPS codes of Dong Nai and Hau Giang were VM08 and VM18, respectively. Name of Gia Lai-Cong Tum province changed to Gia Lai-Kon Tum. At this time, the provinces were as follows:
An GiangVM011,980,0004,140Long Xuyen
Bac ThaiVM02980,0008,615Thai Nguyen
Ben TreVM031,275,0002,400Ben Tre
Binh Tri ThienVM042,120,00019,048Hué
Cao BangVM05595,00013,731Cao Bang
Cuu LongVM061,850,0004,200Vinh Long
Dac LacVM07735,00018,300Buon Me Thuot
Dong NaiVM401,690,00012,130Bien Hoa
Dong ThapVM091,430,0003,120Cao Lanh
Gia Lai-Kon TumVM10785,00018,480Kontum
Ha BacVM112,110,0004,708Bac Giang
Hai HungVM122,625,0002,526Hai Duong
Ha Nam NinhVM143,315,0003,522Nam Dinh
Ha Son BinhVM161,850,0006,860Hoa Binh
Ha TuyenVM17975,00013,519Ha Giang
Hau GiangVM412,735,0005,100Can Tho
Hoang Lien SonVM19950,00014,125Lao Cai
Ho Chi MinhVM203,685,0001,845Ho Chi Minh City
Kien GiangVM211,245,0006,000Rach Gia
Lai ChauVM22432,00017,408Lai Chau
Lam DongVM23580,00010,000Da Lat
Lang SonVM39580,000 Lang Son
Long AnVM241,195,0005,100Tan An
Minh HaiVM251,900,0008,000Bac Lieu
Nghe TinhVM263,655,00022,380Vinh
Nghia BinhVM272,600,00014,700Qui Nhon
Phu KhanhVM281,465,0009,620Nha Trang
Quang Nam-Da NangVM291,810,00011,376Da Nang
Quang NinhVM30870,0007,076Hong Gai
Song BeVM31805,0009,500Thu Dau Mot
Son LaVM32635,00014,656Son La
Tay NinhVM33830,0004,100Tay Ninh
Thai BinhVM341,790,0001,344Thai Binh
Thanh HoaVM353,010,00011,138Thanh Hoa
Thuan HaiVM361,220,00011,000Phan Thiet
Tien GiangVM371,505,0002,350My Tho
Vinh PhuVM381,805,0005,187Viet Tri
Vung Tau-Con DaoVM4298,000 Vung Tau
40 provinces64,385,000329,416
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4, a U.S. government standard.
  • Population: 1988 estimate.
  1. ~1990: Binh Tri Thien province split into Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Thua Thien. Nghia Binh province split into Binh Dinh and Quang Ngai. Phu Khanh province split into Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen.
  2. ~1992: Ha Nam Ninh, Ha Son Binh, and part of Hanoi provinces reorganized to form Ha Tay, Hoa Binh, Nam Ha, and Ninh Binh. Ha Tuyen province split into Ha Giang and Tuyen Quang. Hoang Lien Son province split into Lao Cai and Yen Bai. Nghe Tinh province split into Ha Tinh and Nghe An. Gia Lai-Kon Tum province split into Gia Lai and Kon Tum. Part of Dong Nai province annexed to Vung Tau-Con Dao special zone to form Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. Thuan Hai province split into Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan. Hau Giang province split into Can Tho and Soc Trang. Cuu Long province split into Tra Vinh and Vinh Long. The result was the division shown below.
An GiangVN.AG44VM431,933,8003,424Long XuyenS-C
Bac ThaiVN.BC08VM021,144,5006,503Thai NguyenN-T
Ba Ria-Vung TauVN.BV43VM53657,1001,957Vung TauS-C
Ben TreVN.BR50VM031,309,4002,247Ben TreS-C
Binh DinhVN.BD31VM541,373,1006,076Qui NhonS-A
Binh ThuanVN.BU40VM55858,7007,992Phan ThietS-A
Can ThoVN.CT48VM561,780,6002,951Can ThoS-C
Cao BangVN.CB04VM05624,7008,445Cao BangN-T
Dac LacVN.DL33VM441,173,30019,800Buon Ma ThuotS-A
Dong NaiVN.DN39VM451,762,9005,864Bien HoaS-C
Dong ThapVN.DT45VM461,462,9003,276Sa DecS-C
Gia LaiVN.GL30VM57737,70015,662PleikuS-A
Ha BacVN.HB12VM112,262,8004,614Bac GiangN-T
Ha GiangVN.HG03VM58520,4007,831Ha GiangN-T
Hai HungVN.HH16VM122,658,0002,551Hai DuongN-T
Ha TayVN.HY15VM592,217,8002,147Ha DongN-T
Ha TinhVN.HT23VM601,293,6006,054Ha TinhN-A
Hoa BinhVN.HO14VM61712,9004,612Hoa BinhN-T
Ho Chi MinhVN.HC42VM524,322,3002,090Ho Chi Minh CityS-C
Khanh HoaVN.KH34VM62923,7005,258Nha TrangS-A
Kien GiangVN.KG47VM471,326,6006,243Rach GiaS-C
Kon TumVN.KT28VM63249,6009,934Kon TumS-A
Lai ChauVN.LC01VM22501,20017,131Lai ChauN-T
Lam DongVN.LD35VM23742,90010,173Da LatS-A
Lang SonVN.LS09VM39671,9008,187Lang SonN-T
Lao CaiVN.LO02VM64535,4008,050Lao CaiN-T
Long AnVN.LA41VM241,224,8004,338Tan AnS-C
Minh HaiVN.MH53VM481,719,1007,689Ca MauS-C
Nam HaVN.NH19VM652,585,9002,492Nam DinhN-T
Nghe AnVN.NA22VM662,680,60016,381VinhN-A
Ninh BinhVN.NB18VM67839,9001,388Ninh BinhN-T
Ninh ThuanVN.NT36VM68449,1003,430Phan Rang-Thap ChamS-A
Phu YenVN.PY32VM69708,9005,278Tuy HoaS-A
Quang BinhVN.QB24VM70736,7007,984Dong HoiN-A
Quang Nam-Da NangVN.QD27VM291,911,70011,985Da NangS-A
Quang NgaiVN.QG29VM711,149,5005,856Quang NgaiS-A
Quang NinhVN.QN24VM30889,6005,939Hong GaiN-T
Quang TriVN.QT25VM72520,9004,592Dong HaS-A
Soc TrangVN.ST52VM731,172,6003,191Soc TrangS-C
Song BeVN.SB38VM491,081,7009,519Thu Dau MotS-C
Son LaVN.SL05VM32776,00014,210Son LaN-T
Tay NinhVN.TN37VM33868,9004,020Tay NinhS-C
Thai BinhVN.TB20VM351,768,4001,509Thai BinhN-T
Thanh HoaVN.TH21VM343,311,90011,168Thanh HoaN-A
Thua ThienVN.TT26VM74973,2005,009HuéS-A
Tien GiangVN.TG46VM371,622,0002,339My ThoS-C
Tra VinhVN.TV51VM75938,5002,369Tra VinhS-C
Tuyen QuangVN.TQ07VM76628,5005,801Tuyen QuangN-T
Vinh LongVN.VL49VM771,041,3001,487Vinh LongS-C
Vinh PhuVN.VP10VM502,203,2004,835Viet TriN-T
Yen BaiVN.YB06VM78638,2006,808Yen BaiN-T
53 divisions69,937,700331,114
  • Province: These divisions are tinh (provinces), except for Haiphong, Hanoi, and
    Ho Chi Minh, which are thu do (formerly called thanh pho: municipalities).
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: District codes from ISO/DIS 3166-2, the 1996 preliminary version of the standard.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4, a U.S. government standard.
  • Population: Mid-1993 estimates.
  • Part: Key to division of country in 1960, 1920 (see first table).
  1. 1993: Capital of Lai Chau province moved from Lai Chau to Dien Bien Phu.
  2. 1994: Capital of Quang Ninh province, formerly named Hong Gai, merged with Bai Chay and took the name Ha Long.
  3. 1996-11-06: Bac Thai province split into Bac Can and Thai Nguyen; Ha Bac province split into Bac Giang and Bac Ninh; Hai Hung province split into Hai Duong and Hung Yen; Minh Hai province split into Bac Lieu and Ca Mau; Nam Ha province split into Ha Nam and Nam Dinh; Quang Nam-Da Nang province split into Quang Nam province and Da Nang municipality; Song Be province split into Binh Duong and Binh Phuoc; Vinh Phu province split into Phu Tho and Vinh Phuc.
  4. 2003-11-25: Can Tho province (former FIPS code VM48) split into Can Tho municipality and Hau Giang province; Dac Nong province split from Dac Lac (formerly VM07); Dien Bien province split from Lai Chau (formerly VM22); Than Uyen district transferred from Lao Cai province (formerly VM56) to Lai Chau province. For the seven divisions affected by these changes, the population, area, and 1965 provinces are probably inaccurate. To restore the main table to its appearance before these changes, delete the rows for Dac Nong, Dien Bien, and Hau Giang; then, change the data for the following three provinces as shown. Can Tho had HASC code VN.CT, 1999 population 1,811,100, area 2,951 km.². Dac Lac had HASC code VN.DL, 1999 population 1,776,331, area 19,800 km.². Lai Chau had HASC code VN.LC, 1999 population 588,666, area 17,131 km.², and Dien Bien Phu was its capital.
  5. 2008-08-01: Ha Tay province and parts of Hoa Binh and Vinh Phuc provinces merged with Hanoi municipality. Before this change, Ha Tay had a 1999 population of 2,386,770; approximate area, 2,147 km.²; HASC code, VN.HA; ISO code, 15; FIPS code, VM51; postal code prefix, 31; and corresponded roughly to the territory of Ha Dong and Son Tay provinces in 1965. Its capital was Ha Dong. The corresponding data for Hanoi were 2,672,122, 921, VN.HN, 64, VM44, 10, Hanoi, and Hanoi.

Other names of subdivisions: 

  1. Bac Can: Bac Kan (variant)
  2. Dac Lac: Dak Lak (variant)
  3. Dac Nong: Dak Nong (variant)
  4. Hanoi: Hanói (Spanish)
  5. Ho Chi Minh: Saigon (obsolete)


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Galina Miklosic has posted a Belarusian translation  of this page. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the translation, of course.

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