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Until November, 2000

This is a list of updates to "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries" which were reported on this Web site on or before 2000-11-30. Only updates affecting the list of statoids in a given country are included. They include the creation of new statoids, their disappearance by merger, changes of name, changes of capital, etc.

  1. Armenia: Status of Erevan changed from province to city.
  2. Azerbaijan: New post-independence division into cities and districts.
  3. Bhutan: Gasa and Tashi Yangtse districts created.
  4. Bulgaria: Reorganized from nine regions to twenty-eight.
  5. Burkina Faso: New data available for the fifteen new provinces.
  6. Canada: Nunavut territory split from Northwest Territories, as predicted.
  7. China: Chongqing municipality split from Sichuan province; Hong Kong and Macau annexed to China as special administrative regions.
  8. Congo, Democratic Republic of: Some provinces changed their names.
  9. Congo, Republic of: Confirmed the existence of Cuvette-Ouest region.
  10. Eritrea: Confirmed the reorganization into six provinces.
  11. Iceland: Reorganized from 23 regions and 23 townships into nine regions.
  12. Iran: Three new provinces of Golestan, Qazvin, and Qom created.
  13. Italy: Two provinces extended their names: Forlì to Forlì-Cesena, and Verbania to Verbano-Cusio-Ossola.
  14. Jordan: Supporting data acquired for the four new provinces.
  15. Kazakhstan: Five provinces merged with others, and one new independent city created.
  16. Korea, South: Ulsan city split from Kyongsang-namdo province.
  17. Laos: There may be a new special zone named Xaisômboun.
  18. Libya: Apparently reorganized from 25 municipalities into thirteen.
  19. Moldova: Reorganized from forty districts into ten counties and one autonomous unit.
  20. Nigeria: Six new states created.
  21. Palestine: Has had an ISO country code issued.
  22. Paraguay: The departments of Chaco and Nueva Asunción disappeared through mergers.
  23. Slovakia: Supporting data acquired for the new division into eight regions.
  24. Tonga: Reorganized from three island councils into five divisions.
  25. Trinidad and Tobago: Reorganized from eight counties into eleven regions.
  26. United Kingdom: I attempted a list of the current divisions, including unitary authorities.
  27. Vanuatu: Reorganized from eleven provinces into six.
  28. Vietnam: I provided details of the 1997 reorganization.

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