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January, 2008

Other data added:

The second edition of ISO 3166-2 came out. It listed updated or new ISO codes for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Guinea, Haiti, Kenya, Kuwait, Liberia, Saint Lucia, Tuvalu, and Yemen.

  1. Guam: Added to change history.
  2. Hungary: Very minor spelling change.
  3. Indonesia: Postal code ranges revamped.
  4. Ireland: Minor spelling change.
  5. Serbia: Some spelling changes.
  6. Tunisia: More accurate dates in change history.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Bangladesh: Reanalysis of ISO codes for regions.
  2. Tunisia: Populations of Jendouba Nord and Jendouba Sud switched.
  3. United States: New borough created in Alaska.

Time zones:

  1. Argentina: San Luis province went off DST.
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