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January, 2015

Changes affecting status:

  1. Bahrain: One governorate abolished.
  2. Italy: Revised a few provincial capitals.

Other data added:

An update to the U.S. standard Geopolitical Entities and Codes (GEC) was issued on 2014-12-31. According to previous announcements, this is supposed to be the last update before GEC is superseded by GENC. Several of the changes affect only the status of subdivisions, e.g., region vs. municipality. There are substantive changes to Laos and Sudan.

  1. Venezuela: Added 2011 census data.

Secondary divisions:

  1. France: Some arrondissements merged.
  2. Italy: Updated for changes since 2011.
  3. Taiwan: County changed to special municipality.
  4. Tajikistan: Updated populations to 2014 and slightly revised the list.
  5. Venezuela: Added 2011 census data.

Time zones:

  1. Chile: The country is going on year-round DST.
  2. Mexico: Quintana Roo is changing zones.
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