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October, 2009

Changes affecting status:

  1. Cayman Islands: Re-examined the districts and merged two of them.
  2. Faroe Islands: Merged two regions; updated populations.
  3. New Zealand: Changed two regional capitals.
  4. Pakistan: Name of Northern Areas was changed.

Other data added:

  1. Niger: Departments changed to regions, and arrondissements changed to departments. I changed the preferred spelling of one region name.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Chile: Corrected the area of Cauquenes province.
  2. Faroe Islands: Numerous communes lost through amalgamation.
  3. United States: Corrected the spelling of Cos county.
  4. Tanzania: Changed a few populations and areas.

Time zones:

  1. Russia: Kemerovo will change its time zone next year.
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