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September, 2013

Changes affecting status:

  1. Taiwan: Three new special municipalities created.

Other data added:

Update 13 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes (formerly FIPS 10-4) is dated 2013-09-30. It includes changes for eleven countries, but most of those changes don't affect data reported on this site. There are substantive changes for Côte d'Ivoire, Spain, and Tonga.

  1. Bangladesh: Added 2011 census data.
  2. Bolivia: Added 2012 census data.
  3. Japan: Added 2010 census data.
  4. Macau: Added 2011 census data.
  5. Romania: Added 2011 census data.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Bangladesh: Added 2011 census data.
  2. Bolivia: Updated to 2012 census data.
  3. Italy: Changes to communes.
  4. Sierra Leone: One district capital moved.
  5. Taiwan: Some subdivisions consolidated.

Time zones:

  1. Jordan: Changed to permanent UTC+3.
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