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October, 2013

Changes affecting status:

  1. Ecuador: plans to revamp its territorial organization.

Other data added:

  1. Brunei Darussalam: Updated population to 2011 census.
  2. Falkland Islands: Updated population to 2012 census.
  3. Suriname: Updated population to 2012 census.
  4. U.S. Minor Outlying Islands: Filled in missing censuses.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Zambia: Added population data and areas from 2010 census.

Time zones:

  1. Brazil: Tocantins state is abandoning daylight saving time. Acre state will set its clocks back an hour if the bill is approved.
  2. Egypt: Now permanently observing UTC+2.
  3. Falkland Islands: Now permanently observing UTC-3.
  4. Libya: Now permanently observing UTC+2.
  5. Pakistan: Now permanently observing UTC+5.
  6. Western Sahara: Thought to be observing daylight saving time in synch with Morocco.
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