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October, 2014

Changes affecting status:

  1. Luxembourg: Districts and cantons may have been abolished.

Other data added:

GEC Update 17, dated 2014-09-30, has changes to the GEC standard for Cambodia, Haiti, New Caledonia, Russia, and Yemen. I have also added some information about the GENC standard, which is supposed to match ISO 3166 as closely as possible; I'm documenting points of divergence.

For users' convenience, I added country hyperlinks on the Country Codes page.

  1. Algeria: Changed spelling of one province.
  2. Azerbaijan: More information about Nagorno-Karabakh.
  3. Dominican Republic: Added to change history.
  4. Mozambique: Alternate data for 2007 census.
  5. Papua New Guinea: Used better data for areas.
  6. Senegal: Added results of 2013 census.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Mozambique: Updated to 2007 census.
  2. Papua New Guinea: Added areas.

Time zones:

  1. Papua New Guinea: Bougainville will change its clocks.
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