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September, 2007

Other data added:

  1. Bulgaria: Added postal codes.
  2. Korea, South: Updated populations to 2000 census.
  3. Liberia: Added 1989 populations to change history.
  4. Libya: Added to change history.
  5. Macedonia: Added 1994 populations to change history.
  6. Madagascar: Added 1993 census to main table.
  7. Mali: Added 1998 census, revised areas.
  8. Mauritania: Changed the area of Brakna to a more recent figure.
  9. Mozambique: Adjusted some areas.
  10. Nauru: Added 1983 census data and areas.
  11. Netherlands Antilles: Adjusted name of one capital.
  12. Saint Kitts-Nevis: Added areas.
  13. San Marino: Updated populations to 1997.
  14. Somalia: Added 1980 populations.
  15. Suriname: Added areas in square miles, and 2004 census data.
  16. Sweden: Updated populations and areas to current figures.
  17. Tunisia: Revised 1994 and 2004 populations.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Bulgaria: Added municipalities.
  2. Slovenia: Added areas to change history.
  3. Suriname: Added 2004 census data.

Time zones:

  1. Brazil: Change dates for summer 2007-2008 have been announced.
  2. United States: Five Indiana counties will move to Eastern time.
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