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October, 2007

Changes affecting status:

  1. Sudan: West Kordufan split between two other states.
  2. ISO has issued an update to the 3166-1 standard, dated 2007-09-21, but not publicized until 2007-10-11. It shows the separation of Saint Barthélemy and Saint Martin from Guadeloupe and several other changes to the distribution of France's small island possessions. Clipperton Island is now listed by ISO, but not by me, as part of France, rather than French Polynesia. INSEE has also changed its numeric codes for the two new collectivities.

Other data added:

  1. Croatia: Added NUTS codes.
  2. Jordan: Updated populations to 2004 census.
  3. Turkey: Added NUTS codes.
  4. Tunisia: Revised 2004 population of two governorates.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Eritrea: Updated list of divisions.
  2. Jordan: Updated list of divisions and their populations to 2004 census.
  3. Tunisia: Updated populations to 2004 census.
  4. United States: Changed status of San Francisco, CA, and updated time zone for five Indiana counties (slightly prematurely).
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