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November, 2007

Changes affecting status:

  1. Lebanon: Two new provinces created.
  2. Qatar: A new municipality created.

Other data added:

ISO 3166-2 update newsletter I-9 was released on 2007-11-28. It contains updates for Bulgaria, Czech Republic (also affecting the districts), France, Georgia, Lebanon, Macedonia, Malta, Russia, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, and United Kingdom.

  1. Canada: Updated populations to 2006 census.
  2. Cuba: Updated populations to 2002 census.
  3. Malaysia: Spelling change to a capital name.
  4. Montenegro: Fixed population of Bar.
  5. Nigeria: Updated populations to 2006 census.
  6. Togo: Added population estimates for 2006.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Lebanon: Show the effects of the two new provinces; also, add populations, areas, and capitals.
  2. Nigeria: Added local government areas.
  3. Togo: Added areas and population estimates for 2006.

Time zones:

  1. New Zealand: Extended its DST period.
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