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Sept.-Dec., 2010

Changes affecting status:

  1. Cuba: Two new provinces created.
  2. Iran: There is a new province.
  3. Laos: Special region was divided between two provinces.
  4. Netherlands Antilles: Split into three "countries": Netherlands Antilles into Bonaire, Curašao, and Sint Maarten.
  5. Uganda: Lots of new districts created, but I haven't got a handle on them yet.

Other data added:

  1. I've gone on a wide-ranging hunt for valid national statistics sites. I added many links to the Stats columns on the index pages. There are no duplicates, but some of them are different pages on the same site. I felt that it was better to have a few redundant pages than to miss something valuable.
  2. A FIPS update affected Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Chad, Egypt, Finland, Greenland, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Panama, Russia, Sri Lanka, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.
  3. A second FIPS update affected Cambodia, Latvia, Malawi, Netherlands Antilles, Russia, and Taiwan.
  4. A Spanish reform has changed the official spelling of the Spanish names of Iraq and Qatar. I took this occasion to update quite a few countries and subdivisions with the official Spanish names found on the website of the Real Academia Espa˝ola.
  5. Gambia: Name of region was changed.
  6. Jersey: Added previous censuses.
  7. Malawi: Added previous censuses.
  8. Maldives: Latest news about the proposed reorganization.
  9. Togo: Added improved population data.
  10. United States: Updated population to 2010 census. Added more historical data.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Afghanistan: Numerous new districts created.
  2. Cuba: Changes caused by new provinces.
  3. Gabon: Added population data.
  4. Laos: Changes caused by loss of special region.
  5. Togo: New prefectures created.

Time zones:

  1. Daylight saving time terminated in Bangladesh and Mauritius.
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