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July, 2007

Changes affecting status:

  1. Russia: Koryak and Kamchatka merged.

Other data added:

FIPS released an update to the FIPS 10-4 standard dated 2007-06-11 (although it didn't appear on the FIPS change notice website until this week). Countries affected are Bahrain, Cyprus, Denmark, Hungary, India, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Russia, and Vietnam.

  1. Afghanistan: Added 1982 areas.
  2. Aruba: Added 2000 population, comments.
  3. Bangladesh: Added 1991 census data.
  4. Barbados: Added 2000 population and a population history.
  5. Bermuda: Improved precision of populations.
  6. Bhutan: Added (most) areas.
  7. Botswana: Added to change history.
  8. Djibouti: Updated population estimates.
  9. Dominica: Added 1991 and 2001 census data.
  10. Ecuador: Added population history.
  11. Eritrea: Added areas of former provinces.
  12. Ethiopia: Added 1993 populations of regions.
  13. French Polynesia: Corrected a spelling.
  14. Gambia: Added 1993 populations and areas.
  15. Isle of Man: Added 2006 population data.
  16. Korea, North: Updated population estimates.
  17. Lebanon: Added 2004 population estimates.
  18. Lesotho: Added 2006 census data.
  19. Romania: Added to change history. Added postal codes.
  20. Russia: Revised 2002 census figures.
  21. Tonga: Added 2006 population data.
  22. Turkmenistan: Improved precision of areas.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Ethiopia: Added the (old) sub-provinces.
  2. Isle of Man: Added parishes.
  3. Lesotho: Added 2006 census data.
  4. Niger: Tracked changes, added new arrondissement.

Time zones:

  1. Honduras is not observing daylight saving time this year. It did in 2006, as a one-time trial, so I had it marked for DST. I have now removed the marking, somewhat belatedly.
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