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CountryPrimarySecondaryTertiaryStats Postcode Maps TZs
DenmarkregionmunicipalityStats Stats StatsPost PostCIA Mgl+01:00 D
DjiboutiregioncommuneStats Stats Stats CIA Map Mgl+03:00
Dominicaparish  CIA Map Mgl-04:00
Dominican RepublicprovincemunicipalityStats Stats StatsPostCIA Map Mgl PDF-04:00
EcuadorprovincecantonStatsCIA Mgl PDF PDFZones
Egyptgovernoratemarkaz Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats CIA Mgl PDF+02:00 D
El SalvadordepartmentmunicipioStats Stats Stats CIA Mgl PDF PDF-06:00
Equatorial GuineaprovincedistrictStats Stats CIA Map Mgl PDF+01:00
Eritrearegionsubregion  CIA HCR Map Map Mgl PDF+03:00
EstoniacountymunicipalityStats Stats StatsPostAtlas CIA Map+02:00 D
EthiopiastatezoneStats Stats Stats CIA Map Map Map Map Mgl PDF+03:00
Falkland Islandsnone Stats Mgl-03:00
Faroe IslandsregioncommuneStats Stats StatsPost00:00 D
FijidivisionprovinceStats Stats CIA Mgl+12:00 D
Finlandregionsub-regionStats Stats Stats Stats Stats Stats StatsPostAtlas CIA Map Mgl+02:00 D
FranceregiondepartmentarrondissementStats Stats Stats Stats Stats
Stats Stats PDF Stats Stats
Clik Map Mgl PDF+01:00 D
French GuianaarrondissementcommuneStats CIA Map Mgl PDF-03:00
French Polynesiasubdivisioncommune Stats StatsPostCIA Map MglZones
French Southern Territoriesdistrict    Map+05:00
  • Country: common English name of the country.
  • Primary: most frequent type of primary administrative division. If this item is a link, it leads to information
    updating the country's entry in "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries".
  • Secondary: most frequent type of secondary administrative division. Links are presented as in the Primary
  • Statistics: link to a site with statistical information, often including the area and population of each division.
    It will be the country's official statistical agency site, if there is one. "LoC" links to the tables in the appendix
    of a Library of Congress Country Study, whenever those tables have information about country subdivisions.
  • Postcodes: link to a page allowing lookup of postal codes, or a general-interest post office site.
  • Maps: link to a map of the country, showing divisions. "CIA" is one of a series of one-sheet, public-domain
    maps published by the Central Intelligence Agency. "FAO" is an outline map prepared by the U.N. Food
    and Agriculture Organization. "HCR" is a map from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees site. "Mgl"
    is a proprietary map created by Magellan. "Clik" is a map with clickable divisions. "Custom" is a map
    customized for this Web site. "PDF" is a file formatted for Adobe Acrobat (free download).
  • TZs: add or subtract the time interval, shown as +-hh:mm, from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
    to get local standard time. A "D" means that daylight saving time is observed in local summer. "Zones"
    means the country has several time zones (but small remote areas like Easter Island are ignored for this
    purpose). Links are to a page with geographical and historical details about the country's time zones.


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