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Changes affecting status:

  1. Chile: Two new regions will be created.
  2. Guernsey: ISO assigned it a separate country code.
  3. Isle of Man: ISO assigned it a separate country code.
  4. Jersey: ISO assigned it a separate country code.
  5. Montenegro: New country listing.
  6. Norway: Possible future reorganization.
  7. Palau: Capital has moved.
  8. Philippines: Updated main table to show changes already reported in change history; new province Shariff Kabunsuan.
  9. Rwanda: Reorganized from twelve divisions to five.
  10. Serbia: Montenegro has split off; new districts.
  11. Serbia and Montenegro split into two independent countries on 2006-06-03. The U.N. Statistics Division has issued new 3-digit numeric codes for the two countries. Since separate ISO codes have not yet been selected, I continue to list them on a joint page.
  12. Sudan: A state changed its name.
  13. Uganda: About fourteen new districts created; later, seven new districts, with their population.

Other data added:

There has been a new update to the FIPS 10-4 standard, affecting Haiti, Macedonia, Morocco, Russia, Rwanda, Serbia and Montenegro, and Somalia.

  1. Algeria: Added 1936 populations.
  2. Australia: Changed ISO state codes. Added new MARC codes.
  3. Austria: Minor additions to change history.
  4. Barbados: Preliminary postal code info.
  5. Bolivia: Corrected the Further subdivisions heading.
  6. Cayman Islands: Postal code info.
  7. Central African Republic: Added to change history.
  8. Estonia: More about the NUTS codes.
  9. Guinea-Bissau: Changed areas slightly.
  10. Haiti: Split out population of Nippes department.
  11. Jamaica: Added postal codes.
  12. Lesotho: Added approximate 1976 populations.
  13. Mongolia: Added to change history.
  14. Montenegro: More details for new country listing.
  15. Montserrat: Brades is the de facto capital.
  16. Added a map of Montserrat.
  17. Myanmar: More details on the new capital.
  18. The Bakassi Peninsula is being transferred from Nigeria to Cameroon.
  19. Palau: Word that the capital may move.
  20. Peru: Added 1907 column to population history.
  21. Russia: More news about future mergers.
  22. Saudi Arabia: Added preliminary 2004 census figures.
  23. United Kingdom: ISO removed Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
  24. Uruguay: Added 1921 column to population history. More origins of names.
  25. Vietnam: Added postal code prefixes.

I have been informed that Serbo-Croatian (sh) is no longer recognized as a language, and that Serbian (sr) and Croatian (hr) are the modern equivalents. I've made the appropriate changes where needed.

The U.S. Board on Geographical Names has issued a new update to the FIPS 10-4 standard, assigning FIPS codes to new statoids in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Botswana, Congo (Brazzaville), Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Gambia, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Liberia, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Tanzania, Togo, and Turkey.

Secondary divisions:

  1. Central African Republic: Added population data.
  2. Czech Republic: Updated the NUTS codes.
  3. Estonia: Replaced NUTS codes with LAU codes.
  4. Guatemala: Added municipalities.
  5. Guinea-Bissau: Added sectors.
  6. Haiti: Added arrondissement populations.
  7. Lesotho: Added councils.
  8. Mexico: Added 2005 populations, added change history.
  9. Montenegro: New country listing.
  10. Rwanda: Reorganized from 106 districts to thirty.
  11. Saudi Arabia: Added governorates.
  12. Senegal: Minor additions to change history.
  13. Serbia: Montenegro has split off.
  14. Tunisia: Added delegations.
  15. United Kingdom: Same as above.
  16. Vietnam: Added a list of districts.

Time zones:

  1. Australia: Western Australia adopts daylight saving time.
  2. Canada: A few more provinces have announced plans to extend the DST period in step with the U.S. in 2007.
  3. El Salvador: changed its mind about daylight saving time this year.
  4. Guatemala: is adopting daylight saving time this year.
  5. Honduras: is adopting daylight saving time this year.
  6. Iran: Daylight saving time has been abandoned.
  7. Russia: Tomsk's time zone has changed.
  8. Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka reverts to UTC+5:30 in April.
  9. United States: Indiana will be going on DST, and some counties are moving from the Eastern to the Central zone. Over the next few months, several counties changed their time zones. These changes are also shown on the states and counties pages. While investigating, I found other additions to be made to the change history.

Site design changes:

This icon    represents an off-site link—a link to a page on some other website than this. I will be adding it to the Statoids site incrementally, a few pages at a time. I have no control over the sites linked to, and they may go dead without warning.

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